Connectivity for what?

Nepal, April 6 -- What is this frenzy for trans-border connectivity for? Who will reap the fruits of this development? Who will bear the cost? Of late, initiatives aimed at increasing connectivity wi... Read More

Travel's travails

Nepal, March 16 -- "Gimme a plastic bag, please," the exhausted passenger sucked in air, grit her teeth and moaned to the cleaner of the passenger carrier four-wheeler at Falate, a little above Ridi, ... Read More

Remaining sane, at all costs

Nepal, Feb. 23 -- The best way of maintaining sanity, yours truly has found out, is to mind your own business and live life stress-free Thinking of the Bolivarian crisis in a country going progressiv... Read More

Musings on artworks

Nepal, Feb. 3 -- We have no dearth of tragic events, but they have not yet formed the basis for famous works of art Blame it all on a short memory: Yours truly has lost count of the number of masterp... Read More