Covid vaccines for kids are coming

India, Oct. 25 -- For 10-year-old Maja, there's no question: Kids should get vaccinated against coronavirus. Maja says she was happy to be among the very first kids in the world to get a BioNTech-Pfiz... Read More

Asterix and The Griffin: When war becomes a women's issue

India, Oct. 22 -- Freezing cold, a fearsome mythological beast, strong female warriors, and not to mention the Romans - they're all part of the new comic, along with the tried-and-true protagonists: G... Read More

Deaths in Poland as Storm 'Aurore' wreaks havoc across Europe

India, Oct. 22 -- Storm "Aurore" swept across parts of northern Europe on Thursday, leaving four people dead in Poland and causing substantial damage in Germany, France, the Netherlands and elsewhere.... Read More

Canada spotlights diversity at the Frankfurt Book Fair

India, Oct. 20 -- Following last year's cancellation of the physical event, Canada is once again the guest of honor of the Frankfurt book fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse, FBM21) held from October 20-24. "... Read More

Novelist Antje Ravik Strubel wins German Book Prize

India, Oct. 19 -- Currently, in the literary world, everything seems to be revolving around the past: the weight of it, how one can come to terms with it, learn from it, fret over it, or move beyond i... Read More

Barcelona has high hopes for the return of mass tourism

India, Oct. 18 -- The Catalan capital is suffering from a sore lack of tourists. While city officials are calling for vacationers to return, critics of mass tourism find it difficult to make their voi... Read More

Fact check: Double-vaccinated breakthrough COVID infections

India, Oct. 17 -- "Breakthrough infection in care home - 15 infected, two dead." Headlines like these are making many people nervous, and spreading alarm. Are the coronavirus vaccines less effective t... Read More

COVID: Pandemic anxiety on the rise in India

India, Oct. 16 -- The coronavirus health crisis and the restrictions imposed on public life to combat the spread of have had a terrible effect on people's mental health and well-being in India. A ran... Read More

US warns of 'other options' on Iran's nuclear program if diplomacy fails

India, Oct. 14 -- Top US diplomat Anthony Blinken has hinted that force could be used if Iran does not return to the negotiating table to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran is accused of violating th... Read More

Mysterious 'Havana syndrome' in US embassies: What do we know?

India, Oct. 14 -- Five cases of "Havana syndrome" have occurred in Colombia. In August, US Vice President Kamala Harris' visit to Vietnam was delayed because of cases there. How the syndrome came abou... Read More