Locals living around Urlabari-Rabi road section suffer from health complications caused by dust pollution

Morang, Nov. 9 -- Construction work on the 12.4km Urlabari-Rabi road started some seven years ago but it is yet to see completion. Prera/Jyoti JV Construction in Kathmandu had received a tender from ... Read More

Too many patients, not enough doctors at Mangalbare Hospital in Morang

Morang, Nov. 8 -- Madan Limbu of Urlabari Municipality in Morang, who was suffering from high fever, had to wait for more than five hours to meet a doctor in Mangalbare Hospital on Thursday. "There is... Read More

Flood control works in Bakraha river hit a snag due to budget shortage

Morang, Oct. 24 -- Flood control works in the Koshi and Bakraha rivers of Province 1 have hit a snag owing to a lack of budget. As per the master plan of the Koshi and Bakraha River Management Projec... Read More

Delay in the issuance of smart driving licence a nuisance in Morang

Morang, Oct. 18 -- Brisha Bahadur Budha, of Udayapur, who is currently living in Itahari Sub Metropolis, passed his driving test 21 months ago. Since then, he has been frequenting the Transport Manage... Read More

Biratnagar Eye Hospital introduces 'vision bus' programme

Morang, Sept. 2 -- Biratnagar Eye Hospital has introduced a 'vision bus' programme, a service where doctors visit children with eye defects in their schools and provide treatment. The treatment will b... Read More