Uganda's emerging work culture of cutting off the nose to spite the face

Uganda, Dec. 8 -- One of Kampala's poorly kept secrets is the scam that store attendants at Game Store ran, in which they force-fed discounts on items into their payment systems, then split the differ... Read More

40 years on, looking back at thehope buried in the tragedy of HIV/Aids

Uganda, Dec. 1 -- It is now 40 years since the strange disease that was killing fishermen in Kasensero, a fishing village in Rakai on the shores of Lake Victoria, was confirmed to be Aids, the end-sta... Read More

Ssemogerere's race is run, but the fight to silence the guns continues

Uganda, Nov. 24 -- The decision to go ahead with a three-gun salute at the funeral of Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere, despite strong and clear protestations from the family and his widow, was vulgar and tas... Read More

A bit of kindness and patience on the road will improve traffic, happiness

Uganda, Nov. 17 -- A few years ago, this newspaper started a 'stay in your lane' campaign to promote better driving on the roads. The idea was borne out of frustration. Across the city, whenever traff... Read More

We must act and be present, for we are the ones we have been waiting for

Uganda, Nov. 3 -- A few months ago residents in our tranquil village in Kira, Wakiso, woke up to find half the road gone. People with earthmoving equipment had turned up in the wee hours and started d... Read More

The hybrid 'despotic democracy' isn't working. Time to choose one

Uganda, Oct. 27 -- In the last two weeks this column argued that the logic underlying our political economy is structurally flawed. Electoral support does not translate into economic reward. Some part... Read More

Forgotten voters and the empty promise of our politics - part II

Uganda, Oct. 20 -- Last week, we explored Buyende, a small poor village in the heart of Uganda, whose promise and potential remain unmet. In the last five years, the village has been connected to the ... Read More

Forgotten voters and the empty promise of our political equation

Uganda, Oct. 13 -- My ancestral village, Buyende, is 154 kilometres from the Main Post Office in Kampala. You can breakfast in the capital, lunch in the sticks, and return just in time for high tea. B... Read More

Crime in the city: Kampala is now in the bloody hands of gangsters

Uganda, Oct. 6 -- A drive across Kampala on Saturday night left your columnist feeling nervous and fearful of what the country, at least as represented by the city, has slowly become. In Kyambogo, ne... Read More

In Uganda, the West's moment of leopard disembarkation is nigh

Uganda, Sept. 29 -- If you are shot in the face with a rubber bullet during a protest in Kampala, it is likely the projectile was manufactured in South Africa, but paid for by 'Western' taxpayers. Th... Read More