Guinea rolls out Ebola vaccines, hoping to bring outbreak under control

France, Feb. 25 -- More than 200 people in Guinea have been vaccinated against Ebola, just days after the arrival of some 11,000 doses of the Merck vaccine and just over a week since the West African ... Read More

Uganda defiant as US threatens sanctions over contested elections

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New Nigerian Covid-19 survey may mean millions already infected

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Threat of double epidemic worries Guineans as Ebola vaccines dispatched

France, Feb. 19 -- Some 11,000 vaccines for the Ebola virus are expected to arrive in Guinea this weekend, as a new outbreak has left five people dead and almost 200 contact cases. The stark reminder ... Read More

Explainer: What Covid-19 vaccines will Africa get, when and at what cost?

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African countries exploiting Covid crisis to clamp down on free speech: HRW

France, Feb. 11 -- Several African governments are using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to crack down on the right to free speech and peaceful demonstration, Human Rights Watch has said in a repor... Read More

Moussa Faki re-elected to head an African Union in search of reform

France, Feb. 10 -- This year's African Union summit has closed with the re-election of Moussa Faki Mahamat as chairof the bloc's commission. The virtual summit approved some measures aimed at reformin... Read More

Can Vatican visit to Cameroon break the Anglophone crisis stalemate?

France, Feb. 5 -- Cameroon's government displayed an "openness" towards dialogue for solving the country's ongoing Anglophone crisis, during a visit by the Vatican's number two earlier this week, acco... Read More

Sahel jihadists eye expansion into Cote d'Ivoire and Benin says French spy boss

France, Feb. 3 -- France's top spy chief warned this week that militant jihadist groups in the Sahel are pursuing expansion into the Golf of Guinea, with a focus on Cote d'Ivoire and Benin. In a rare ... Read More

Weah's Liberia makes limited progress in education, infrastructure, sport

France, Jan. 26 -- Addressing Liberia's legislature on Monday, President George Weah said the country's real GDP fell by three percent in 2020, largely due to coronavirus lockdowns, a slump in interna... Read More