In a first, researchers create framework to eradicate invasive weeds

India, Feb. 28 -- Invasive species threaten our biodiversity. With this framework, scientists hope to ensure benefits for both environment and rural communities Researchers at Wits University in Joha... Read More

COVID-19: WHO raises risk level for world to 'very high'

India, Feb. 28 -- Global stock markets plunged on February 28 amid fears of a pandemic as the disease spread to 53 countries The World Health Organization (WHO) raised the risk assessment level of th... Read More

Without mitigation, global methane emissions would rise by 30% until 2050: Study

India, Feb. 28 -- Global emissions of methane, a major Greenhouse Gas (GHG) would increase by 30 per cent until 2050 if measures to control them are not taken, a new study has said. While it would te... Read More

COVID-19: Beijing proposes to permanently ban harvesting of wild animals

India, Feb. 27 -- Experts say an all-out ban may not be the right solution for China's woes of wildlife trade The Chinese government has proposed to permanently ban the hunting, trading and transport... Read More

Heathrow airport third runway ruled illegal by court

India, Feb. 27 -- The court termed British government's policy unlawful for failing to take into account climate change commitments made in 2015 Paris Agreement The Heathrow airport expansion project... Read More

Nuclear power or coal plants? Study weighs in on costs and benefits

India, Feb. 27 -- Environmental costs from both power sources were also examined by the study The installation of nuclear power plants instead of coal-fired ones to generate electricity resulted in t... Read More

Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (February 27, 2020)

India, Feb. 27 -- Down To Earth brings you the top environmental cases heard in the Supreme Court, the high courts and the National Green Tribunal Waste management in Varanasi An oversight committee... Read More

Physical stores emit more GHG than home delivery, less than online stores

India, Feb. 27 -- Study by European researchers assessed three types of shopping including traditional and two types of online Are you an avid shopper? What influences your puchases? Chances are pric... Read More

Scientists accidentally discover parasite that doesn't breathe oxygen

India, Feb. 27 -- The parasite did not have mitochondrial genome and therefore, did not performaerobic respiration, according to researchers Scientists at Tel Aviv University (TAU) have accidentally ... Read More

Higher agency helps small farmers reap globalisation benefits: Study

India, Feb. 26 -- A new study examined how flow of goods, resources and people in global market facilitated farmers' livelihoods Can small farmers benefit from globalisation? Can they have better acc... Read More