Women no more banished to menstruation sheds in Hima

JUMLA, June 25 -- Unlike in the past, Siddha Shahi of Hima Rural Municipality sleeps at her own home even during her menstruation these days. In fact, she has been making the people aware about the ri... Read More

KAHS gets permission to run MDGP course

JUMLA, June 22 -- Nepal Medical Council (NMC) has granted Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) the permission to start courses for Doctor of Medicine in General Practices and Emergency Medicine (... Read More

Rampant encroachment of Guthi land in Jumla

JUMLA, June 19 -- The land belonging to Chandannath Bhairavnath Guthi, a religious public trust in Jumla district, has been encroached upon heavily in recent times, with the locals building motorable ... Read More

Rampant encroachment of Guthi land to build houses, roads and other structures

JUMLA, June 17 -- The encroachment of land belonging to the Bhairabnath Guthi Committee of Jumla has been going on for a long time. People are encroaching upon Guthi land to build roads, houses and pu... Read More