CIAA summons 11 persons over 590 ropani land grab case

JUMLA, May 23 -- The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has given seven days to 11 persons accused of grabbing 590 ropani [30.02 hectares] of land belonging to the Sheep and... Read More

Retired land revenue officer accused of grabbing 590 ropani govt land

JUMLA, May 18 -- A land revenue officer in Jumla has been accused of converting 590 ropani (30.02 hectares) of land belonging to the National Sheep and Goat Research Program of Guthichaur Rural Munici... Read More

Vegetable farming getting popular in Jumla

JUMLA, May 11 -- It has not been very long since Samjhana Devkota of Talichaur village started vegetable farming. Just like other village folks, she was accustomed to growing only crops in her field b... Read More

Chandannath Municipality bans plastic bags

JUMLA, May 7 -- With the aim of reducing environmental and health hazards, Chandannath Municipality in Jumla district has banned the use of non-reusable plastic bags. From now onward, the residents o... Read More

Rural municipality introduces school textbooks to preserve Khas language

JUMLA, May 5 -- In order to preserve the Khas language which is on the verge of extinction, Tatopani Rural Municipality in the district has decided to introduce language course books at schools in the... Read More

Shamans join campaign for protection of red panda

JUMLA, May 3 -- Durga Bahadur Khatri is a renowned shaman in Chandannath Municipality of Jumla. Still, a large number of people visit him believing in his power to cure their illnesses. Unlike in the ... Read More

Five arrested on charge of smuggling contraband drugs in Jumla

JUMLA, April 20 -- Police have arrested five persons on the charge of smuggling contraband drugs in Jumla on Friday. Acting on a tip-off, a team of police led by Inspector Nabin Oli seized 4.2 grams ... Read More

Locals lament Jumla Airport mess

JUMLA, April 19 -- Flights halted once again due to repairs Flight services have come to a grinding halt at Jumla Airport once again "due to repairs." Earlier in October last year, the authorities ha... Read More

Apple farmers of Jumla turn to insurance to cover risks

JUMLA, April 11 -- Apple farmers in Jumla are gradually getting attracted toward crop insurance program. More farmers are turning to crop insurance as its covers weather-related risks, saving them fro... Read More

Patarasi to prevent children from going to highlands to pick Yarsa

JUMLA, April 9 -- Patarasi Rural Municipality of Jumla has launched a campaign to prevent school students from going to the highlands to pick Yarsagumba, a prized medicinal herb. Every year during the... Read More