Rural roads make Karnali highway too risky

JUMLA, Aug. 17 -- Sher Bahadur Bohora of Jumla recently traveled to Surkhet last week. That was not the first time he made the trip. However, he was never scared as he was on that trip. 'That was not ... Read More

Woman giving birth to daughter given short shrift

JUMLA, Aug. 14 -- Putali Mahatara of Patarasi Rural Municipality, Jumla gave birth at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) last Wednesday. Upon learning that she had delivered a girl, Putali's hu... Read More

Deadly roads a nightmare for passengers in Karnali

JUMLA, Aug. 10 -- Puja Bhandari of Chandannath Municipality of Jumla was very much aware of the awful condition of the road leading to Surkhet that she never wanted to travel along the route. When it ... Read More

Karnali Highway reopens to traffic after four days

JUMLA, July 31 -- Transportation along the Karnali Highway, which remained closed due to landslides for the past four days, has resumed from today. The highway was obstructed due to landslides trigge... Read More

'Forest Guardian' for endangered red panda conservation

JUMLA, July 28 -- In view of the rising cases of poaching of red panda, locals of Sija Municipality have formed a 'Forest Guardian' committee for the conservation of the shy and endangered animal. Acc... Read More

Students in remote Jumla compelled to walk four hours to school

JUMLA, July 13 -- It takes around two hours for Punnilal Rawat of Ripi village of Jumla to reach his school. The ninth grader said he gets exhausted by the time he reaches school. "I usually walk ver... Read More

Police unlock Tila Rural Municipality padlocked by unidentified group

JUMLA, July 8 -- Police on Monday has unlocked two doors of the office of Tila Rural Municipality in Jumla district padlocked by an unidentified group. The motive of the unidentified group who padloc... Read More

Private teachers of govt schools stage protest

JUMLA, July 2 -- Protests by private teachers working at government schools has affected the education of students in Sinja Rural Municipality of Jumla. A group of 63 private teachers of 22 government... Read More

Local units in Jumla proiritize education, health, tourism, infrastructure

JUMLA, June 29 -- In its policy and program for the Fiscal Year 2019/20, Tila Rural Municipality of Jumla has prioritized infrastructure development, education, health, and tourism sectors. The rural... Read More

Jumla's risky and exploitative public transport system

JUMLA, June 26 -- Roads reached Jumla decades later than many other parts of the country. Its road networks further widened in the last few years. Though nowadays the district operates long and short ... Read More