China-Nepal love affair

India, May 23 -- In politics, there is little difference between love and sycophancy - the case of Nepal is particularly telling. The social media was recently buzzing with news that some Tibetans had... Read More

Fading memories

India, May 9 -- China is suffering from a strange disease, a sort of selective amnesia - certain things from the past are clearly remembered, while other events seem to have been completely erased fro... Read More

R&D key to India's status

India, April 25 -- If one looks at India's development during the five last decades, one can only admire the progress made by it. However, there are some fields where the country has been left far beh... Read More

Maze of half-truths

India, April 11 -- For the past several weeks, the Chinese propaganda machine has been running full-steam. The focus of the information warfare's exercise is on the events of March 1959, which ended i... Read More

European naivety over?

India, March 28 -- On January 28, 1964, The New York Times reported: "General de Gaulle's Government broke today with the United States (US) policy of isolating communist China and announced the estab... Read More

Know your history

India, March 14 -- With the country approaching the General Elections, one rarely comes across good news. However, the "transformative" reforms, soon to be undertaken by the Ministry of Defence, are a... Read More

A highly strategic corridor

India, March 1 -- A couple of weeks ago, The Washington Post published an article titled, 'In Central Asia's forbidding highlands, a quiet newcomer: Chinese troops'. It reported: "Two miles above sea ... Read More