Shroud on camaraderie

India, Sept. 12 -- Will Chinese President Xi Jinping make it to the southern beach resort of Mahabalipuram? And if the informal summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi does get confirmed, can the two... Read More

The real consequence

India, Aug. 29 -- The abrogation of Article 370 has led to a lot of typing on the keyboards of Indian as well as foreign journalists. Most scribes were ill-informed about the legality of the issue but... Read More

Strategic and spiritual

India, Aug. 8 -- Though divided into Leh and Kargil district in July 1979, Ladakh, the "Land of the Passes", has the particularity of being one of the largest administrative units of the country, with... Read More

The succession challenge

India, July 25 -- China has mastered the art of information warfare. We saw it during the Doklam episode. Though caught on the wrong foot on the ridge at the border of Sikkim and Bhutan, the Chinese s... Read More

Lambs before the dragon

India, July 4 -- China has managed to tame the wild Tibetan yaks, according to Xinhua. "Under the touch of the petite scientist Yan Ping, the tall and powerful black yak, weighing over 400 kg, is as o... Read More

Laws higher than sutras

India, June 20 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping is travelling a lot these days; he went to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meet, then he is visiting North Korea and... Read More