Concern as many child custody, upkeep cases abandoned

Nairobi, Nov. 25 -- A magistrate has decried incidents where some litigants fail to pursue their child and custody maintenance cases, only to accuse the courts of delay when the deal falls through. M... Read More

Sister Maria Carola Cecchin beatified in Meru

Nairobi, Nov. 5 -- A Catholic nun who served among the underprivileged in Kenya close to 100 years ago was yesterday beatified in a colourful ceremony at Kinoru Stadium, Meru County. Pope Francis dec... Read More

Children drop out of school as hunger ravages arid counties

Nairobi, Oct. 22 -- Schools in arid regions of central and northern Kenya are recording high numbers of absenteeism due to famine, with learners seeking transfer to institutions with feeding programme... Read More

Tears as priest leaves Kenya after 51 years

Nairobi, Oct. 2 -- Fr Enrique Rituerto Urrejola looks intently as a little child sheds tears as she recites an emotional poem that moves the faithful at Mujwa Catholic Church in Meru County. Though i... Read More