On International Labour Day, workers remain under lockdown racked with uncertainty caused by Covid-19 pandemic

Kathmandu, May 2 -- This year's International Labour Day was a quiet affair. There were no rallies, no sloganeerings and no formal events to mark the day, as the entire country has remained under a lo... Read More

Air quality improves in world's major cities, including Kathmandu, under Covid-19 lockdowns

Nepal, May 1 -- The global Covid-19 pandemic has forced the public indoors and pushed general life to a halt around major cities of the world for several weeks now. A slew of stringent measures enfor... Read More

Government allows Nepali workers on their work-break to return to South Korea

Nepal, April 30 -- The government has decided to allow Nepali migrant workers, who are in Nepal during their break from work and could not fly back because of travel restrictions, to go back to their ... Read More

Prime Minister's Employment Programme may not provide expected relief to migrant workers affected by Covid-19, analysts say

Kathmandu, April 27 -- When the government announced a slew of measures to support sectors affected by the coronavirus pandemic last month, it had pinned its hope on the Prime Minister Employment Prog... Read More

Rights body urges government to study situation of Nepalis stranded in foreign countries

Kathmandu, April 27 -- The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Nepal has urged the government to conduct a quick survey on Nepali workers stranded in the foreign labour destinations amidst the Co... Read More

Lockdown affected families continue to struggle for relief package as Province 2 retains the relief campaign

Nepal, April 25 -- It's been over three weeks since the Province 2 government announced a relief programme for the families affected by the coronavirus lockdown, and all Kano Devi has received so far ... Read More

After a halt in departure to South Korea, now Korean language test looks uncertain too

Nepal, April 24 -- The Covid-19 pandemic continues to hit Nepal's labour migration sector as the dates for Korean language test for Korea job aspirants have also been affected. The dates for Test of ... Read More

Nepal loses six spots on global press freedom index to rank 112th out of 180 countries

Kathmandu, April 22 -- Nepal has dropped six places on the global press freedom index taking the spot of 112 among 180 countries, according to the annual analysis report of Reporters Without Borders r... Read More

Captive elephants are out of work in Sauraha and they don't get enough to eat

Nepal, April 21 -- The last few weeks have been tough for Rishi Tiwari. Feeding Ichchhakali and Begumkali, two of his elephants, has become difficult due to the nationwide lockdown to contain the spre... Read More

Bodies of dozens of Nepali migrant workers await repatriation as international flights are shut down due to pandemic

Kathmandu, April 19 -- Bodies of dozens of Nepali migrant workers who lost their lives in various labour destination countries remain stranded for weeks now, unable to be repatriated due to the ongoin... Read More