Government eyes massive 700,000 jobs within the country

Nepal, May 29 -- The government has prioritised job creation as unemployment is expected to see a surge as an immediate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Presenting the budget for the fiscal year 2020... Read More

This year's Korean language test uncertain due to Covid-19

Kathmandu, May 27 -- As uncertainty looms over this year's language test for prospective Nepali migrants to Korea, authorities are considering several options, including taking it , and allowing candi... Read More

Recruiting agencies want their guarantee amount back as their business is affected due to Covid-19

Kathmandu, May 26 -- Foreign job recruitment agencies have demanded that the government return their guarantee deposits in light of the Covid-19 pandemic which has severely hit the labour migration se... Read More

Deceased migrants are being cremated overseas as lockdowns delay repatriation

Kathmandu, May 24 -- Families of deceased Nepali migrant workers have started giving their approval for performing the final rites in the countries where they had been working owing to the lockdown, w... Read More

At least 500,000 migrant workers want to return home at the earliest, says report

Nepal, May 21 -- As the country's labour migration sector grapples with its biggest crisis ever, nearly 500,000 t0 600,000 Nepali migrant workers are likely to return home in the near future, a repor... Read More

Cyclone Amphan causes weatherly disturbances in parts of country

Kathmandu, May 21 -- Cyclone Amphan, the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal, will leave disturbance in Nepal's weather at least until Friday, according to the country's weather office.... Read More

Migrant workers can use foreign governments' amnesties to return without legal hassles

Kathmandu, May 20 -- More and more countries employing Nepali migrants are coming up with general amnesties for illegal expats in their soil, which undocumented and illegal workers can use to legally ... Read More

Without work and salary, Nepali migrants protest in Covid-hit UAE

Kathmandu, May 18 -- Hundreds of Nepali migrant workers have gone on strike in the United Arab Emirates as their employers have not paid them salaries for the last two months. Nearly 500 workers, emp... Read More

He lost his job and wanted to come home. The lockdown killed him.

Nepal, May 17 -- The last couple of months had been tough for Bishnu Prasad Neyopane. He, along with his wife Chandrakala, had migrated to Kuwait in April 2017 for work and their tenure was coming to ... Read More

Seed money for migrant workers, entrepreneurs as government targets employment opportunities inside country

Kathmandu, May 16 -- The government has announced a plan to provide initial capital to returnee migrant workers for starting their own ventures in the country. The plan is aimed at absorbing the Nepa... Read More