Even after four years of Supreme Court decision, Kathmandu remains plastered with visual pollutants

Kathmandu, Nov. 16 -- Even after four years of the Supreme Court announcing its verdict, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City's record in freeing the Capital from hoarding boards and other forms of visual ... Read More

Clarion call to enforce fair recruitment to protect human rights of migrant workers

Kathmandu, Nov. 15 -- Unethical recruitment practices and poor access to justice are the significant factors leading to violations of human rights of migrant workers, according to human rights activis... Read More

Nepal receives first-ever climate change project grant from Green Climate Fund

Kathmandu, Nov. 14 -- Nepal has secured its first significant funding from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for a project aimed at helping the country adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change. The ... Read More

Private sector firms are warming up to Contribution-based Social Security Scheme

Kathmandu, Nov. 12 -- The Contribution-based Social Security Scheme is slowly gaining momentum as more and more private sector firms have started showing interest in joining the much-talked-about welf... Read More

Workers fear new rule for Nepali migrants could lead to a loss of jobs

Kathmandu, Nov. 11 -- A new rule for migrant workers who have returned home from various labour destinations has left government authorities, the Nepali diaspora and labour rights activists divided, a... Read More

Government offers loans to lure workers to Social Security Scheme

Kathmandu, Nov. 10 -- Following a lukewarm response in enrollments to the contribution-based Social Security Scheme, the government has now revised the scheme and offered to provide loans to registere... Read More

Experts question decision to accept Rs13 billion loan for Prime Minister's Employment Programme

Kathmandu, Nov. 9 -- The government's decision to accept a Rs13 billion loan for the implementation of the Prime Minister's Employment Programme has been heavily criticised, as the programme has been ... Read More

Malaysia job aspirants are lining up for pre-departure services without pre-work approval

Kathmandu, Nov. 8 -- Migration of Nepali workers to Malaysia, which resumed in September after a gap of several months, is staring at headwinds, with an increasing number of local workers lining up fo... Read More

Pollution from India unlikely to reach Kathmandu, but Nepal needs to deal with its own toxic air

Kathmandu, Nov. 8 -- Basudev Paudel is in his late fifties and at his age, he believes that regular morning walks are important for keeping healthy. From his home in Kathmandu's Chabahil, Basudev's wa... Read More

This Upper Mustang monk reveals the truest image of his region with photography

Lo Manthang, Oct. 31 -- Phuntchok Gurung grew up inside the inner alleys of Lo Manthang, in the walled capital of the ancient Kingdom of Lo. As he was growing up, and learning to be a Buddhist monk at... Read More