Tribhuvan University introduces labour studies programme

Kathmandu, Jan. 19 -- The Tribhuvan University has introduced Labour Studies at the masters level, the first such course in the country. The programme has been introduced as a discipline under the Un... Read More

Fresh westerly disturbance leaves country cold and wet

Kathmandu, Jan. 18 -- The latest westerly disturbance has brought adverse weather conditions, in the form of rainfall and snowfall, across the country. The fresh westerlies, which originate in the Me... Read More

Poverty alone not a leading cause for involvement in illegal wildlife trade, new study says

Kathmandu, Jan. 18 -- Poverty and ignorance of the law are not the driving factors behind wildlife crimes in the country, according to a new study. The study, published recently in the journal Conser... Read More

Green Climate Fund to support Nepal for achieving climate resilience

Kathmandu, Jan. 14 -- In a major development towards accessing climate finance, the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre and the Green Climate Fund have reached an understanding, which will pave the wa... Read More

Even as tensions flare in Iraq, Nepali workers say they feel relatively safe

Kathmandu, Jan. 11 -- Kunchang Ghale had no immediate plans of returning to Nepal. After working in Iraq for nearly six years, Ghale only planned to return home during Dashain to celebrate the festiva... Read More

Construction of Madan Bhandari Highway via Chure worsens the fragile zone, a report says.

Kathmandu, Jan. 10 -- Environmentalists have slammed the ongoing construction of Madan Bhandari Highway, which passes via the fragile Chure range, for the adverse impact it will have on the range and ... Read More

Hundreds of undocumented Nepali workers return from Malaysia after availing general amnesty

Kathmandu, Jan. 10 -- Nearly 6,000 Nepali expatriate workers have availed the general amnesty extended by the Malaysian government to undocumented immigrants to enable them to return to their home cou... Read More

New action plan proposes declaring public health emergency in case of hazardous level of pollution

Kathmandu, Jan. 9 -- The new draft of Kathmandu Valley's Air Pollution Management Action Plan has proposed declaring a public health emergency whenever the level of Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 crosses... Read More

Acute shortage of environment inspectors hampers monitoring

Kathmandu, Jan. 3 -- The country is acutely understaffed in terms of keeping in check the environmental pollution and in ensuring strict compliance of environmental laws as only a few environment insp... Read More

Migrant workers can now seek and apply for foreign jobs

Kathmandu, Jan. 2 -- In a significant move aimed to protect Nepali migrant workers from possible exploitation, the government has introduced an application system that will regulate the hiring of work... Read More