Emotions make for an unending drama

India, Nov. 15 -- Even though the written language of classics might appear foreign and old-fashioned, initial readings might leave one feeling confused and unsure of what's being exactly said. Howeve... Read More

In Duryodhana's voice

India, Nov. 12 -- Every story has a protagonist and an antagonist. And the latter is usually the flawed one, who is eventually defeated by the former and mostly called the 'villain'. The protagonist, ... Read More

The court of passion

India, Nov. 9 -- Gully sports have been the first exposure to outdoor activities for Indian kids. Be it playing cricket in a ground beside a residential society, a group of young girls playing basketb... Read More

The new tour guide

India, Nov. 7 -- Have you ever seen a woman guide in India? Many would answer, 'Not really.' The Mithila Parker-starrer Chopsticks is the only recent example where we see a woman assisting a group of ... Read More

The impeccables

India, Nov. 5 -- Painted in greens, blues and greys, bordered with bright red, Piraji Sagara's wood texture-like artwork is what comes into view as one enters the Sotheby's International Realty previe... Read More

Lights, camera, reality

India, Nov. 2 -- Why is Bollywood such a powerful industry? Well, it has always made dreams possible and set aspirations (even though some unattainable ones too) for millions of Indians over the years... Read More

Crafting opulence

India, Oct. 24 -- When Brand India is about wellness, sustainability, luxury, craftsmanship why are Indians unable to leverage it soft power?" questioned fashion designer Ritu Beri and added, "Be it B... Read More

The string of love

India, Oct. 22 -- Six hundred love letters written by poet-litterateur Dharamvir Bharati to his second wife. The poetic love story of Radha and Krishna. The last day of the 18-day Kurukshetra war of M... Read More

Cloud of Hot air

India, Oct. 18 -- Tucked in one of the many busy and bustling blocks of Connaught Place, Wok in the Clouds instantly took me back to the Keanu Reeves-starrer, A Walk in the Clouds . I wondered whether... Read More

'Strive for better'

India, Oct. 18 -- When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade,' is a philosophy that 21 year old Saurav Parasrampuria (played by Darsheel Safary) follows, whose only dream is to go to the Massachuse... Read More