The stage comes home

India, April 6 -- These are testing, almost dystopian times. The kind which we had never foreseen or imagined. These are likely to become an object of wonder for the future generations as they will fi... Read More

Connect the dots

India, March 28 -- How did you conceptualise the show, Relatively Relatable? What inspired it? When you're writing a show, you don't have to really conceptualise it. There are two ways to bring it ou... Read More

Life imitates films

India, March 27 -- There's no trespassing in this city or the planet. I'm sorry! Earth is closed today." Till a month back, this was just a dialogue by Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr in Avengers: Inf... Read More

Ba's unwritten diary

India, March 21 -- She has always been looked at through the prism of her husband. Commonly called 'Ba', Kasturba Gandhi was an ideal model, great support and the perfect co-voyager of Mohandas Karamc... Read More

How far can we take love?

India, March 17 -- Marriage is a highly regulated institution in Indian society, even when it is a result of a love match. Suddenly, it becomes a matter of a social contract, where the whole caste, cl... Read More

Eats, shoots and leaves

India, March 14 -- The spread on offer is special on several counts. Not even a single dish is cooked in oil. Most of them are steamed. The ingredients, like turmeric and bamboo shoot, are organic and... Read More

No disappointment zone

India, March 13 -- There wasn't much available for people to 'waste' their time on during the pre-internet era. Of course, unlike today, there were certainly no web channels to watch films on at one's... Read More

You too?

India, March 9 -- A 17-year-old school girl struggles with the TV remote and flips through channels in the corner of a hall, which is shared by a few other women - each one distinct from the other. Th... Read More

Travel within

India, March 6 -- Out there, a new deadly virus is ready to threaten our lives once again. This time, it's very much alive in the air that we breathe. And there's no way to find out if you have inhale... Read More

'My religion is love'

India, March 5 -- Aasha se bhasha na mile to, iss ka matlab phoot nahin, Ik daali par reh kar jaise, phool juda hain paat juda, Bura nahin agar yunhi watan mein, dharm juda ho zaat juda, Apne watan... Read More