Long live the revolution

India, Sept. 17 -- What can you say about a 23-year-old boy who died? Rather sacrificed his life for his nation's good? Even though school textbooks and various films and plays have created multiple i... Read More

Reel is real

India, Sept. 16 -- William is not the villain like everyone is perceiving him to be after watching the trailer of MX Player's Kiska Hoga Thinkistaan 2 . Actor Neil Bhoopalam says that his character is... Read More

Chai-pakoda chronicles

India, Sept. 13 -- A range of ingredients, spices, oils in the fryer, various vegetable leaves and lentils are spread across nutrition coach Sangeeta Khanna's mini kitchen slab, which she sets up at T... Read More

If commitment had a face

India, Sept. 10 -- A few people are shooting at a Tiger Reserve, in a gorge, 40 to 50-metres deep, with a green and sky-blue landscape surrounding the area. A baby elephant slips off the edge and fall... Read More

For the 'sake' of taste

India, Sept. 7 -- Hold the cup close to your face. Let the aroma sink in. Take a small sip, and let it linger in your mouth, touch your senses and exhilarate your tastebuds before you swallow it. That... Read More

Dream Girl's eyebrows are bushy

India, Sept. 6 -- When I greet him by saying, "Hi dream girl with bushy eyebrows! (going by his Instagram bio)," actor Ayushmann Khurrana laughs and recalls how at 14, he used to call his first girlfr... Read More

Let's treasure trash

India, Sept. 2 -- Do you know what trekkers and hikers find when they finish their summits at major mountain ranges? A sense of tranquility, peace and victory, one may answer. However, in reality, it'... Read More

Hearing the unsaid

India, Aug. 31 -- The significance of hearing often goes unrecognised and under-appreciated until it's no longer available. And for those who have been born like that and lived their lives in silence,... Read More

Train of memories

India, Aug. 30 -- Sepia-tinted images of trains, practically bursting with people who cling on to every available space, with their belongings spilling out, are the first things to pop in your mind wh... Read More

Notes from Nur Jahan

India, Aug. 29 -- Typically, a designer's new collection is showcased through a fashion show where models catwalk the ramp wearing the designer ensembles. However, have you ever heard of dancers and a... Read More