A trousseau of innovation

India, Sept. 10 -- How would we have survived a year like 2020 if we did not have the internet? A thousand businesses, which temporarily moved to digital spaces during the lockdown, might have been pe... Read More

Out of the shadows

India, Sept. 5 -- We often use body language to judge and label people. And over time, we've stereotyped transgenders with their hand gestures, particularly a swaying, loud clap. This pejorative impli... Read More

From rags to stars

India, Aug. 29 -- space On April 4, 1984, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had asked our first cosmonaut and Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma, Upar se Bharat kaisa dikhta hai aapko ?" When he answe... Read More

It hits the high note

India, Aug. 17 -- Not often the first 15 minutes into an episode of a series do the magic. I usually settle a little later on whether to continue or drop it mid-way or sometimes, right away. Well, may... Read More

The song of love

India, Aug. 1 -- We have seen Bollywood pairing up opposites, who, despite different life struggles and aspirations, end up falling for each other. However, how often have those been united by music? ... Read More

How the virus hurt the tiger

India, July 30 -- The lockdown has meant that "sighting tourism" at our tiger reserves is non-existent. But with the wildlife economy shut and the concurrent reduced vigilance at parks, poachers have ... Read More

The truth is out

India, July 25 -- On a regular summer day in 2019, a journalist had gone to a madrasa with a spy camera and a fictitious story of a known PhD scholar who wanted to remarry her husband after an instant... Read More

Just stirring up the pot

India, July 21 -- An incident occurs. It grabs attention. It becomes a mystery. Soon, due to its severity and intensity, it becomes the talk of the town. It attracts debates on social media and makes ... Read More

Supermom's superfood

India, July 18 -- Remember how your mother would stuff your mouth and blazer pockets with soaked almonds while you were headed to school for your exam or a job interview? Yes, even when you were getti... Read More

He breathes his roles

India, July 9 -- Many would recall Omi from Kai Po Che (2013) as the one who got involved in religious politics in his town and later mistakenly killed his own friend in the riots. However, his emotio... Read More