Breaking moulds

India, May 21 -- If one digs deep into different aspects of love and marriages in India, one will come across some startling intimate accounts of how conventional practices continue to be hurdles for ... Read More

Step out for a cool summer spash

India, May 17 -- A myth goes that an old hermit had once cursed a Mughal emperor by saying, Ya rahe gujar ya rahe usar . The curse implied that his dream fort and stepwells, on completion, would be ei... Read More

The eye of the Tiger

India, May 7 -- Utter the word nepotism and pictures of star children immediately float in front of your eyes. Tiger Shroff, of course, can't deny his genes but the talk about options drying out quick... Read More

Prix gets a new face

India, May 4 -- Super cars, classic sports cars, motors, single-seater racing cars, immeasurable race tracks - I had only witnessed them in dreams or while scrolling through my social media feed, unti... Read More

Trail through vintage Myanmar

India, May 3 -- The very first step inside the Burma Burma, DLF Mall of India, Noida, reminded me of Kolkata in the sixties, a tad bit more vibrant. When you run your eyes across the green and brown w... Read More

A ceaseless urge

India, April 30 -- Many centuries after his death, the Bard and his works continue to be relevant - for a reason. Transport any of his plays to contemporary times and it could describe the society of ... Read More

Beyond Berlin

India, April 19 -- This year, many streets and towns in Germany are celebrating Bauhaus' centennial, an arthouse movement that gave us clean, minimalist lines in architecture, the kind that defines th... Read More

'We don't appear to be a civilised society'

India, April 13 -- He had watched the Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi-starring Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai? in his youth and it left a huge impression on him. "It has stayed with me till dat... Read More

Familiar but different

India, April 12 -- Once in a while one finds something interesting by accident. It happened to me recently when exploring the white, wide and winding blocks of Connaught Place, I stumbled upon the red... Read More

Breaking the barriers

India, April 12 -- How did you first conceptualise the idea of the Swaniti initiative? Where did you draw the idea from? As a graduate student at Kennedy School, we conceptualised the idea of support... Read More