The Diplomacy of Couscous in the Maghreb

Rabat, April 21 -- The traditional dish of couscous continues to span borders and boundaries in North Africa, where conflicts divide. Couscous remains at the foundation of food culture in Algeria, Mor... Read More

Netflix's 'Huge In France' Stars Moroccan Comedian Gad Elmaleh

Rabat, April 17 -- The new Netflix original show, "Huge in France," tells the semi-autobiographical story of Moroccan-French comedian Gad Elmaleh. In the show, the French comedian wants to reconnect ... Read More

Police Bust Human Trafficking Network Between Indonesia and Morocco

Rabat, April 10 -- Police in Indonesia have uncovered four human trafficking networks that sent over 1,200 Indonesians to work in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Syria. The network promised the maj... Read More

The Disappearing Tradition of Amazigh Facial and Body Tattoos

Rabat, April 7 -- Historically, Amazigh (Berber) women tattooed their faces, feet, arms, and other body parts for beauty, health, and protection. However, as Morocco's cultural dynamics and traditions... Read More

Moroccan Billionaire Rebukes Saham for $1.1 Billion South African Deal

Rabat, April 5 -- Othman Benjelloun, the chairman of Morocco's BMCE Bank, has criticized the $1.1 billion deal between the Moroccan company Saham Finances and the South African insurance company Sanla... Read More

Who is Former Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika?

Rabat, April 3 -- Former Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika once received commendations for his role in ending the Algerian Civil War and improving the infrastructure of Algeria, but after he spe... Read More

Moroccan Grandma Stranded in Syria After Trying to Bring Grandkids Home

Rabat, April 3 -- After an attempt to retrieve her grandkids from Syria, Latifa, a 63-year-old Moroccan woman, ended up stranded in Syria. Three years after leaving Morocco, Latifa told her story to t... Read More

Trump's Illegal Golan Heights Decision Causes Outcry from World Leaders

Rabat, March 29 -- After a flurry of controversies regarding the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and the legitimacy of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, world leaders are reacting with outcry, condemnatio... Read More

Moroccan American Network to Host Business Forum on 'Morocco Day' in DC

Rabat, March 27 -- The Moroccan American Network will host its fourth Business Forum - CEO Summit at the Willard InterContinental Hotel, in Washington, D.C. The summit will focus on small business opp... Read More

Moroccan Attends Model UN in Madrid, Petitions King of Spain

Rabat, March 25 -- As the only delegate from Morocco, 22-year-old Noureddine El Bakali competed against some of the most experienced debaters in the world at the six-day Harvard World Model United Nat... Read More