KRA pursues Sh132bn in evaded tax

Nairobi, June 30 -- The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has flagged 1,058 companies and individuals for suspected tax evasion amounting to Sh132 billion in the 11 months through May 2021, more than four... Read More

Kenya gets extension of public debt service relief to December

Nairobi, June 29 -- Kenya will save an additional Sh39 billion ($361 million) after rich countries extended debt repayment moratorium by another six months to December, freeing up cash to boost econom... Read More

KRA eyes Sh5bn from billionaire tax cheats

Nairobi, June 28 -- The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is eyeing more than Sh5 billion in extra revenue from a handful of billionaire tax evaders over the next three years, setting the stage for travel... Read More

IMF demands identity of secret investors in firms

Nairobi, June 25 -- The International Monetary Fund has pressured Kenya to disclose the identity of secret shareholders in firms with State contracts and prosecute those implicated in graft, including... Read More