Positive vibes revive hope of deepening EAC trade

Nairobi, Oct. 22 -- The on-and-off trade tiffs amongst East African Community (EAC) partner states have slowed down free movement of goods, labour, services and capital, hitting the private sector har... Read More

Sh394bn of Chinafunded projects linked to graft

Nairobi, Oct. 21 -- China-funded infrastructure projects in Kenya worth nearly Sh394.27 billion have been dogged by claims of graft and financial impropriety, the third highest value of tainted ventur... Read More

Expensive fuel widens trade deficit to Sh852bn

Nairobi, Oct. 21 -- Kenya's goods trade deficit for the first eight months of the year widened by 35.31 percent, largely on increased expenditure on importation of fuel products and factory supplies, ... Read More

Limit for revealing source of cash to be raised above Sh1m

Nairobi, Oct. 21 -- President Uhuru Kenyatta wants the requirement for bank customers to disclose source, intended use and beneficiaries when depositing and withdrawing cash raised above Sh1 million. ... Read More

KRA appraises senior managers monthly Sh1.71 trillion tax target

Nairobi, Oct. 19 -- The Kenya Revenue Authority board has resorted to reviewing the performance of senior managers every month to achieve nearly Sh1.71 trillion tax target this financial year ending J... Read More

State gets Sh36bn dividend windfall despite Covid-19 hit

Nairobi, Oct. 18 -- The government's earnings from public investments surpassed the target for the year ended June 2021 by Sh3.7 billion, reflecting higher levels of dividend payouts than the National... Read More

Treasury prepares KQ, Kenya Power bailout

Nairobi, Oct. 18 -- The Treasury has agreed to inject cash into Kenya Power and Kenya Airways in the financial year starting July 2022, citing the role of the two struggling firms in supporting econom... Read More

Treasury eyes taxpayers cash to pay Sh104bn parastatal loans

Nairobi, Oct. 13 -- Taxpayers may in future potentially step in and bail out nine State-owned firms, including Kenya Power, from commercial loans amounting to more than Sh104.84 billion, the Treasury ... Read More

Wealthy Kenyans lose Sh119 billion as tax benefits lapse

Nairobi, Oct. 12 -- Wealthy Kenyans and firms lost Sh118.79 billion benefits as a result of progressive removal of tax incentives offered to companies and traders in four years through 2020, the Treas... Read More

Kenya tops world in China projects completion ahead of deadline

Nairobi, Oct. 11 -- Kenya led the world in completing China-funded mega projects ahead of schedule under Beijing's global infrastructure development strategy, findings of a new study by a top US resea... Read More