Government says it is easing process for property verification of public transport operators

Kathmandu, April 19 -- The government has said it is making efforts to minimise procedural hassles for registering erstwhile public transport committees as companies to encourage the public transport ... Read More

Lightning kills more people than flood and landslide, but country lacks preparedness

Kathmandu, April 15 -- Lightning continues to be one of the deadliest disasters in the country, with thunder strikes claiming dozens of lives every year. According to the Nepal Emergency Operation Ce... Read More

'Free visa free ticket' still far from implementation four years after is launch

Kathmandu, April 15 -- It has been almost four years since the government announced "free visa, free ticket" scheme to relieve financial burden of migrant workers, but its implementation has largely b... Read More

Search for lucrative jobs leaves 16 Nepalis stranded in Qatar for months

Kathmandu, April 14 -- As many as 16 Nepali workers, who had reached Qatar for employment, have remained stranded there for nearly three months. The Nepalis had landed in the gas-rich nation on diffe... Read More

Government allows workers with calling visa to fly to Malaysia but only a few show up to take labour permit

Kathmandu, April 11 -- More than a week since the government decided to allow Nepali migrant workers with calling visa for Malaysia to take up jobs in the Southeast Asian country, it seems there are o... Read More

Bodies of disaster victims to be preserved for a minimum of 12 years

Kathmandu, April 9 -- Unclaimed bodies of persons who have lost their lives in various disasters in the country will have to be kept safe for at least 12 years from now onwards, as per new guidelines.... Read More

Overcast skies and rains make Tarai windstorm survivors wary

Kathmandu, April 7 -- With pre-monsoon getting active and chances of rainfall accompanied by thunderstorm and gusty wind on the forecast, survivors of last week's windstorm in Bara and Parsa are braci... Read More

Government says it will rebuild homes for windstorm victims before monsoon

Kathmandu, April 6 -- After days of the devastating windstorm that struck Bara and Parsa districts in the southern plains, the central government has said it will move ahead with the reconstruction of... Read More

Authorities should learn from Sunday's disaster that laid bare country's poor preparedness: Experts

Kathmandu, April 4 -- The Sunday night's devastating windstorm that battered Bara and Parsa has once again laid bare country's zero preparedness, as more extreme and unusual events become a new normal... Read More

Deadly windstorm in Tarai districts exposes poor warning system and zero preparedness

Kathmandu, April 2 -- Failure to predict an approaching powerful storm because of poor early warning system, coupled with zero preparedness on the ground, led to one of the worst windstorm devastation... Read More