Manipur: After Quarantino, it's Covina and Covida as Kangpokpi sets the trend in naming quarantine babies after COVID-19

Manipur, July 5 -- As two more babies are born at quarantine centres in Manipur's Kangpokpi recently, taking the number of newborn quarantine babies to three in the district, naming of the babies afte... Read More

Students in Manipur promote community participation in fight against COVID-19

Manipur, June 25 -- Promoting community participation through collective efforts in the fight against pandemic COVID-19, the All Manipur Gorkha Students' Union (AMGSU) on Wednesday visited Kangpokpi a... Read More

Manipur: Poverty was no deterrence for HSLC Rank holder from Kangpokpi

Manipur, June 17 -- It is rightly said that when one is passionate and determined to reach his or her goal, no barriers can stop them. More importantly, when one is wise enough to bring into play his ... Read More

First baby born in Kangpokpi quarantine centre named Emmanuel Quarantino

Manipur, June 2 -- "Sadness is always followed by happiness". This local saying came true to the people of Kangpokpi when a baby boy was delivered by a returnee couple at the Institutional Quarantine ... Read More