#OrchidsandOnions: There's no quitting for Ryobi

South Africa, March 17 -- It's interesting to ponder the images or the word associations, a brand can conjure up in your mind. If those associations are positive - Toyotas don't break, for example - t... Read More

#OrchidsandOnions: Ads give lots to crow about

South Africa, March 10 -- There was a lot of heated discussion last month around a controversial decision by US-based fast-food giant Burger King to make an ad extolling the natural ingredients in its... Read More

#OrchidsandOnions: Tapping into relevant issues

South Africa, March 3 -- I've always felt that one of the biggest marketing cons of all time is digital advertising ... and now there's hard evidence. Uber has brought legal action against a number of... Read More

#OrchidsandOnions: Gumtree gets it right - again

South Africa, Feb. 25 -- Latest ads take a jab at current generation's obsession with celebs, stuff and Fomo. I gave Gumtree's last TV ad an Orchid, because it brought a chuckle by portraying how ama... Read More

#OrchidsandOnions: Great ad, splendid timing

South Africa, Feb. 18 -- SA Tourism: An antidote to all the bitterness, anger and defeatism; slack PR company sent a Happy New Year wish - on 31 January. Irritating. I have to think it was no coincid... Read More

#OrchidsandOnions: 'Are you kidding me?'

South Africa, Feb. 4 -- Positive: Admitting to and rectifying mistakes can promote a brand. Negative: An Onion for SA Tourism and its PR and communications general manager... This is one serious coun... Read More

#OrchidsandOnions: Now it's Hyundai's turn

South Africa, Jan. 28 -- Atos ad positions car specifically for Gen Z and millennials. One of the biggest - and some would say most questionable - growth industries of the 21st century is the endless... Read More

#OrchidsandOnions: Corny but convincing

South Africa, Jan. 21 -- King Price's 'cultural appropriation' ad has the desired impact, and because of effective marketing, Alonso crash was a positive for Toyota. I do so hope that the "woke" comm... Read More

#OrchidsandOnions: 1 Stop gets it spot on

South Africa, Jan. 14 -- Winners: SAB's 'How about none for the road?' ad hits the mark, too. Aussie ad for sperm donation, 'All hands on d*ck', stands out, but would be banned here. In marketing, it... Read More