Pesticide lab unutilized in Butwal

RUPANDEHI, July 2 -- Because of indifference of the government, pesticide lab in Butwal is not being used. The Rapid Bioassay for Pesticide Residue Laboratory (RBPR) is not utilized because of lack of... Read More

Project implementation top priority for Butwal

RUPANDEHI, June 26 -- The budget of Butwal Sub-metropolitan City for the upcoming fiscal year 2019/20 prioritizes urban infrastructure development, tourism, trade and industry. The sub-metropolitan c... Read More

Province 5 targets elevation of economic growth rate

RUPANDEHI, June 18 -- Aligning the major focus of budget towards agriculture, tourism, and infrastructure development, Province 5 has set an ambitious goal of achieving eight percent growth rate. Whi... Read More

Caste still a hindrance for Dalits

RUPANDEHI, June 5 -- A week ago, Dalit rights activist Mina Pariyar reached Butwal, the temporary capital of Province 5 and searched for a room on rent. She was looking for a new place for her daughte... Read More

Technological advances threaten stone carvers' survival means

RUPANDEHI, June 2 -- On the banks of Tinau River, there is a settlement of Kushwadiya community who are usually seen carving stones from early mornings to late evenings. These stone carvers have been ... Read More

Construction of international exhibition center begins in Butwal

RUPANDEHI, May 28 -- Leaflets distributed against NCP General Secretary Paudel The construction of an international-level exhibition center with the capacity of accommodating 10,000 visitors at a tim... Read More

Woman accused of murdering daughter-in-law for dowry

RUPANDEHI, May 10 -- A group of women encircled the Area Police Office (APO), Butwal, on Thursday, demanding stern action against a woman who allegedly killed her daughter-in-law for dowry. On May 3,... Read More

Wedding guests apologize to Dalit family for boycotting feast

RUPANDEHI, April 28 -- After being accused of discrimination for boycotting the wedding feast organized by a Dalit family of Suddodan Rural Municipality of Rupandehi, 22 non-Dalit guests have apologiz... Read More

Non-Dalits attend wedding but skip feast

RUPANDEHI, April 23 -- Committee formed to investigate the matter A Dalit family in Rupandehi district has returned the money offered by non-Dalit guests who came to their daughter's wedding but refu... Read More