'Silver Cascades': Timeless Stories From Nepal

Kathmandu, Feb. 1 -- The major challenge in literary translation is that one is not always able to precisely translate both lexical-semantics as well as cultural-semantics. Then there are other minor ... Read More

'Maidaro': Reconstructing Caste and Class

Kathmandu, Jan. 18 -- Smaran Gurung, a young man who has come to Nepal to spend some time in Pokhara, walks into an art gallery, sees paintings hanging upside down, and is jolted out of his comfort zo... Read More

The bite-sized myopia of poetry

Nepal, Jan. 4 -- Earlier this week, when Ruman Aalam in The New Republic declared Rupi Kaur-the Indian-Canadian poet known for her aphoristic poems on Instagram-as the 'Writer of the Decade,' all I co... Read More

'Ghachar Ghochar' delivers literary perfection

Kathmandu, Dec. 21 -- Originally written in Kannada and doubly translated-first in English, then in Nepali-Vivek Shanbhag's gripping novella, Ghachar Ghochar, tells the story of a Bangalore-based nouv... Read More

Between the pages-of books and of life

Kathmandu, Nov. 30 -- I have been a book person all my life. If I try finding the genesis of reading, the first impetus, I think it was in high school when I accidentally stumbled onto one of those Ch... Read More