Prisoners in Nepal are living under 'inhumane conditions' says Office of the Attorney General

Kathmandu, May 15 -- The Office of the Attorney General has painted a bleak picture of police cells and prisons across the country, emphasising the urgent need to improve the living conditions to ensu... Read More

Is Nepal's #MeToo movement finally taking off?

Kathmandu, May 11 -- When a report about sexual harassment in Nepal's theatre community became public last month, nearly a dozen actors, both men and women, were rehearsing their lines for the play 'P... Read More

Proposed media bill envisions a new press council with increased government role in Nepal

Kathmandu, May 10 -- A new Media Council bill, which aims to give sweeping powers to the self-regulatory body overseeing the press, has raised alarm as information rights activists and journalists say... Read More

Media Council Bill moves quietly to Parliament after remaining shrouded in secrecy for months

Kathmandu, May 8 -- The government, on Wednesday, presented the Media Council bill to Parliament, bypassing a critical consultation phase with stakeholders and the public. The consultation phase, in ... Read More

Government officials don't have an official explanation for why government websites were down on Sunday

Kathmandu, May 5 -- The first working day of the week turned out to be an unusually busy one for the National Information Technology Centre after almost all government websites became inaccessible ear... Read More

Threats to press freedom have only increased in Nepal, says report

Kathmandu, May 1 -- Nepal has become increasingly intolerant of journalists, with an increased number of attacks against them and growing digital surveillance of reporters, according to a new report b... Read More

The death of yet another burn victim shows how little has changed in the past 20 years

Kathmandu, April 26 -- On Friday afternoon, 21-year-old Kanchan Mandal was brought to the burns unit at Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital in Sankhu, all the way from Dharan. Her heavily bandaged body, ... Read More

Investment Summit's progress report card: 48 applications for 31 projects

Kathmandu, April 21 -- Nijgadh Airport has received the highest number of applications from prospective investors after being showcased at the Nepal Investment Forum last month. The $3.45 billion meg... Read More

Indefinite shutdown of India's Jet Airways puts passengers traveling to and from Nepal in a fix

Kathmandu, April 20 -- Jet Airways' decision to suspend all operations has left many passengers flying to and from Nepal through the airline in a bind. Travel agencies in Nepal are scrambling to find... Read More

Supreme Court upholds Home Ministry's decision to grant citizenship by descent

Kathmandu, April 17 -- The Supreme Court has paved the way for individuals, whose parents are Nepali citizens by birth, to acquire citizenship by descent. Justices Hari Krishna Karki and Bam Kumar Sh... Read More