DPHO officials spending days under sun in lack of work

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Lack of legal clarity hinders local bodies' performance

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Dr KC's pneumonia worsens

ILAM, Jan. 16 -- With the pneumonia of his right lungs continuously worsening, Dr Govinda KC's condition has deteriorated further on the seventh day of his fast-unto-death strike. Doctors attending t... Read More

Dr KC taken to Ilam Hospital as his condition deteriorates

ILAM, Jan. 15 -- Caretakers on Monday morning transferred Dr Govinda KC to Ilam Hospital from the site of his latest fast-unto-death at Phulgachhi. The medical education reform crusader suffered seve... Read More

Better-equipped hospital prescribed for Dr KC as his condition getting critical

ILAM, Jan. 14 -- Senior orthopedic surgeon and professor at the Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine (IOM), Dr Govinda KC has been prescribed a better-equipped hospital after his condition dete... Read More

Deteriorating health of Dr KC fails to grab government attention

ILAM, Jan. 13 -- On the fourth day of his fast-unto-death, Dr Govinda KC struggled to sit with his back straight due to weakness. After a health examination on Saturday morning, doctors advised the c... Read More

Dr KC's health condition deteriorating ; govt still indifferent

ILAM, Jan. 12 -- The government has been indifferent toward Dr Govinda KC who has been staging hunger strike for the last four days at the district headquarters, Ilam. The government representatives ... Read More

Dr. KC shows low blood glucose level on 3rd day of fast

ILAM, Jan. 12 -- On the third day of his 16th fast-unto-death, Dr. Govinda KC is suffering from decreasing levels of glucose in the blood. Doctors from Ilam District Hospital had examined him after th... Read More

Dr KC starts 16th fast-unto-death

ILAM, Jan. 10 -- Dr Govinda KC started his 16th fast-unto-death in Ilam district on Wednesday evening protesting against the passage of the National Medical Education Bill by the parliament's Educatio... Read More

New trekking route to Kanchanjunga Base Camp explored

ILAM, Dec. 24 -- A team of experts has explored a new trekking trail to Kanchanjunga Base Camp in Taplejung district from Pashupatinagar -- a marketplace near Nepal-India border in Ilam district. It ... Read More