Astroturf | Watch over your karma

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Astroturf | God helps those who help themselves

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Astroturf : Be grounded for a smooth run of life

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Astroturf | Success calls for addressing fault lines

India, Aug. 25 -- Someone in late fifties going through a very difficult phase in life came with a host of questions: "Sir, I am a highly religious person and dedicate at least two hours every day in ... Read More

Astroturf | Let love play the game changer

India, Aug. 18 -- The other day an old man worried about his bullish grandson came asking: "What is in store of his destiny? He is 9 years old. Has no interest in studies. He doesn't listen to his eld... Read More

Astroturf | Rein in monkey-mind for success

India, Aug. 11 -- Invariably, human mind, unless otherwise consciously reined in, behaves like a wild monkey, that is randomly and unmindfully jumping from one branch of a tree to the other. Ever noti... Read More

Astroturf | Shiva is all about inclusiveness

India, Aug. 4 -- Picking up threads from the previous issue, let us now see how Lord Shiva, engages with multitude of existences forming his entourage, each unique and at variance with others. He, des... Read More

Astroturf | Lord Shiva: the symbolic universal Guru

India, July 28 -- The whole of Shravana month, immediately following Guru Purnima, is dedicated to Lord Shiva, believed to be the Universal Guru. Those having a living Guru enjoy the privilege of bein... Read More

Astroturf | Guru helps one become self-empowered

India, July 21 -- Every Ashadha Purnima, which fell on July 16 this year, is marked as Guru-purnima in the annual Hindu calendar. Following the age-old Guru-shishya tradition, those engaged in such a ... Read More

Astroturf | Self-correction checkmates Saturn's wrath

India, July 14 -- Whenever reality confronts myth, usually the latter is found to have the first laugh. The reason plain and simple is that only a handful of people are conversant with existential rea... Read More