Think beyond planning

Kathmandu, July 1 -- Though Nepal is predominantly an agrarian country in terms of both socio-culture and economic structure, agriculture sector has never been at the top most priority for development... Read More

Erratic pattern

Kathmandu, June 16 -- Agriculture in Nepal is suffering from years of under-investment, limited research, scant inputs and lack of technology and services for farmers Agriculture development is a mul... Read More

Failing on agro-trade

Nepal, June 2 -- A key priority in Nepal's effort to expanding agriculture exports should be improve quality of its products by developing standards in line with standards developed by international b... Read More

Road to commercialization

Nepal, May 14 -- If Nepal is to speed-up agricultural commercialization process for both import substitution and export promotion, there is no better way than consolidation of farm lands Commercializ... Read More

Farmers to entrepreneurs

Nepal, May 2 -- Unless Nepali farmers become entrepreneurs, commercial agriculture will not be sustainable in Nepal The gap between food demand and supply is widening every year in Nepal. With limite... Read More