Post-summit challenges

Nepal, April 16 -- If 2019 summit is to be different from the past ones in terms of outcomes, Nepal should improve its ease-of-doing-business status Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is an effective in... Read More

Reducing food loss

Nepal, April 2 -- Nepal lacks specific policy to address food loss. Most programs focus on boosting agricultural production and increasing farm productivity Nepal is a food insecure country and the m... Read More

Commission of inaction

Nepal, Feb. 27 -- Two years after National Farmers' Commission started to work, people are asking why we need such commission when it cannot make necessary policy interventions In Nepal, issue of far... Read More

Making agriculture smart

Nepal, Feb. 3 -- If we are to make smart agriculture program successful, we first need to make our agriculture institutions smart The Government of Province 5 has proposed 'Smart Agriculture Village ... Read More