Summer in the big city

New Delhi, March 23 -- In February, Fred Dixon, the CEO of New York City's tourism arm, NYC and Co., shared figures which showed that 53% of Indians travel for leisure, indulging in fine-dining and si... Read More

A museum 'for children, by children'

New Delhi, March 22 -- It's good to see the old and the new in conversation with each other," says Sabyasachi Mukherjee, director of the Mumbai-based Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CS... Read More

It's Art vs Taint as Nirav Modi's collection is auctioned

Mumbai, March 12 -- Much like his unusual jewellery designs, fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi's art collection is celebrated by art lovers in India. But now that the treasure trove of paintings by... Read More

'Berlin allows me to meet semi-sane people: Sarnath Banerjee

New Delhi, March 2 -- In Doab Dil, Sarnath Banerjee's new book, fact and fiction thrive together like twins. Did The Scriblerus Club (an 18th century literary association of British writers started by... Read More

Give your style staples a rethink, says James Munson, Marks & Spencer's India MD

New Delhi, Feb. 17 -- Outside the UK, the largest number of Marks & Spencer (M&S) stores are to be found in India-71 till date, with six more launching in the next two months. It should come as no sur... Read More

The year of the CRAB

New Delhi, Feb. 17 -- "For me, plating a crab comes from the idea of a tea ceremony," says chef Dharshan Munidasa. Hard as it may be to imagine such a comparison, Munidasa is referring to the Japanese... Read More

I start with the photograph: Pushpamala N.

New Delhi, Feb. 17 -- Pushpamala N. is a shapeshifter. Starting off as a sculptor, she turned to photography in the mid-1990s and has, since then, portrayed several characters -an acrobat, a yogini, a... Read More

A shot of India

New Delhi, Feb. 9 -- The history of photography in India is somewhat like the history of English in the subcontinent. The colonizing British often used the camera, much like their language, as a weapo... Read More

A taste for fine wine

New Delhi, Feb. 3 -- It is hard to believe when Simon Tam says his personal wine collection amounts to nothing. Tam is the head of wine at Christie's Asia and was on his first visit to Mumbai last yea... Read More

For the love of Urdu

New Delhi, Feb. 2 -- It's on a Tuesday evening in January, under a canopy of incandescent bulbs, that I receive my first lesson in Urdu: the difference between alcohol and mirages.I am part of a small... Read More