Christie's finishes 25 years in India

New Delhi, Sept. 7 -- When Christie's set up its representative office in Mumbai in 1994, it was the first international auction house to enter India. In the 25 years since, the auction house has seen... Read More

When art supports Bengali literature

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- It's an important year for Christie's, which completes 25 years in India. And as part of its celebrations, it will hold its third auction of South Asian modern and contemporary a... Read More

One with the Earth

New Delhi, Aug. 16 -- If there were such a thing as a seed hunter, then artist Benitha Perciyal would qualify as one. Perciyal has often used seeds and grains in her work as both material and metaphor... Read More

Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami will be on auction for first time in India

New Delhi, Aug. 16 -- Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, who is best known for his psychedelic pop art, will enter the Indian auction market for the first time this month. At Mumbai-based online auctio... Read More

Romancing the city's rivers

New Delhi, Aug. 16 -- To think about the future of cities, you need to experience cities and enjoy cities," says Felipe Correa. On his first visit to Mumbai, Correa has chosen to land on one of the da... Read More

Bengaluru Talkies: An ode to single-screen theatres

New Delhi, Aug. 9 -- Fascinated by buildings and their facades, photographer Sameer Raichur started shooting single-screen theatres in and around Bengaluru in 2016. He is not interested in them merely... Read More

Making a case for south Indian miniatures

New Delhi, July 27 -- In 1990, The San Diego Museum of Art received a donation that permanently marked its place on the map of Indian art. The donation was small but significant, from the collection o... Read More

How Odisha's artisans faced a juggernaut called Fani

New Delhi, July 27 -- As the incessant rain continued to badger us one June morning in Puri, the maharanas took shelter under a temporary shed filled with logs. These are the craftsmen and labourers w... Read More

The balancing act

New Delhi, July 20 -- When asked to design a new series of hotels for religious tourism in 2012, architect Shimul Javeri Kadri turned to the very sites of the project for design cues. The client, Mara... Read More

Breathing life back into Mumbai's fountains

New Delhi, July 19 -- In July 1871, the Scientific American magazine carried a report on a newly built fountain, calling it "one of those rare works which captivate the artistic eye". The magazine eve... Read More