Chainpur fights to keep its air clean and streets litter-free

Bajhang, Feb. 10 -- Chainpur, the district headquarters of Bajhang, is getting more polluted by the day due to haphazard disposal of garbage. The problem has continued unabated despite the efforts of ... Read More

Saipal residents face shortage of essentials as snowfall blocks roads

Bajhang, Jan. 23 -- Residents of Saipal Rural Municipality, one of the remotest local units in Bajhang district, are facing a shortage of daily essentials, including food grains, due to road blockade ... Read More

Jayaprithvi Municipality pays off loans of Badi people

Bajhang, Jan. 18 -- Jayaprithvi Municipality in Bajhang district has paid off the debts of 15 Badi families. The municipal office on Thursday paid a total of Rs 840,000 that the Badi families owed to... Read More

For lack of latrines, people in Bajhang are relieving themselves outdoors

Bajhang, Jan. 17 -- On September 30 last year, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli declared Nepal as an 'Open Defecation Free' nation amid a function at the City Hall in Kathmandu. But the reality on the gro... Read More

Indigenous crops facing extinction in the hills of Sudurpaschim

Bajhang, Jan. 15 -- Until about eight years ago, Ramesh Bista used to harvest up to 10 quintals of barley annually. The harvest not only filled his granary, but he would earn up to Rs 25,000 selling s... Read More

Illegal extraction of riverbed materials goes unchecked in Bajhang

Bajhang, Dec. 13 -- The practice of illegal extraction of sand, pebbles and stones in several rivers and rivulets of Bajhang district still continues. Locals say that the illegal mining, which that st... Read More

Kalanga Gad hydro in Bajhang likely to come this year

Bajhang, Dec. 11 -- Only 5.9 percent of the homes in Bajhang have an electricity connection, but that is about to change as the Kalanga Gad Hydroelectricity Project being built in the district is near... Read More

First inter-caste couple to have an arranged marriage in Bajhang

Bajhang, Dec. 8 -- On Friday evening, a dozen horses carrying people in colourful attire headed to Raikoshi village, a predominantly dalit settlement in Bajhang. The horses were trailed by a crowd of ... Read More

Public vehicles overcharging passengers in Bajhang

Bajhang, Dec. 5 -- The Dungi Bazaar-Kailash dirt road in Bajhang is just 8 kilometres long. But the fare for travelling on this road in a public vehicle is Rs500 per passenger which is eight times hig... Read More

Free education limited to slogans for students of community schools in Bajhang

Bajhang, Dec. 4 -- Patki Dhami, a resident of Bamaur, a remote village in Bangul Municipality in Bajhang, struggles to pay her son's school fees. Her son attends Bhumeshwori Basic School, and his annu... Read More