Access to internet is a human right

Pakistan, June 30 -- During the times of novel coronavirus, access to the internet is imperative, not only through the lens of a philosophical perspective but as an essential human right. Internet is ... Read More

Barbaric, cowardly and unlawful: India's maltreatment of the children of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir

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Protecting Children From Child Labour

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The mighty women

Pakistan, June 6 -- Like a gem, Pakistani women shine from a million facets. They are resilient in the face of adversity, abuse and oppression. Their ambition is indestructible; they rise from the ash... Read More

A liability in negligence

Pakistan, May 31 -- Negligence is a principle of the common law of tort. It belongs to the civil branch of law. In layman terms, if it is shown that the defendants failed to take reasonable care or ac... Read More

The plight of Pakistani children - poliovirus

Pakistan, May 27 -- Forgive me for shedding light on Poliovirus in the midst of novel coronavirus but when I heard of the first positive case of coronavirus in Pakistan, I was shaken to my core and fo... Read More

Novel coronavirus and its impact on the constitutional rights of children to an education in Pakistan

Pakistan, May 19 -- The novel coronavirus, Covid-19 has had many impacts on not only the developing countries but also the developed countries. Pakistan, being one of the developing countries has many... Read More