I&M injects $219,000 in Ugandan subsidiary to shore up capital

Nairobi, June 2 -- I&M Group last year invested an additional Ush821.26 million ($219,588) in the Uganda unit, pointing to the continued focus on complying with the revised minimum capital requirement... Read More

Design better tools to deal with cost of living

Nairobi, June 2 -- Inflation is rising again after increasing marginally in May by 0.1 percentage point on soaring food, energy and transport costs, reversing a temporary decline. Data released on We... Read More

Issuing passports in days is within reach

Nairobi, June 2 -- The government's promise to issue new passports in seven days is a welcome relief for those travelling. It is important that Kithure Kindiki, the Interior Cabinet Secretary who made... Read More

US postpones date for raising visa fee to June 17

Nairobi, June 1 -- The United States Department of State has postponed the date for the increase of worldwide visa fees to June 17 from the earlier pronounced date of May 30, amid a public outcry that... Read More

Refine governance as country turns 60

Nairobi, June 1 -- As Kenya marks 60 years of self-rule, it is essential to reflect on its journey, acknowledging the strides made and the missteps that have shaped the nation. From a remarkable prog... Read More

Stop wastage in Govt to save the economy

Nairobi, June 1 -- As the Treasury unveils a raft of taxes for the new budget, it is important to assess the impact the levies will have on employers who are a key cog of Kenya's economic engine. Bus... Read More

South Sudan asks President Ruto to end Autoport Freights monopoly

Nairobi, May 31 -- The South Sudan government has asked President William Ruto to end the monopoly of a firm associated with the family of former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho for handling cargo de... Read More

Why is NHIF exposing the insured to misery?

Nairobi, May 31 -- This Wednesday morning, thousands of patients trooping to hospitals in rural Kenya with their NHIF cards are in for a rude shock. The private health facilities, sick of the nationa... Read More

Aim at uninterrupted passports production

Nairobi, May 31 -- The report that the main printer at the Immigration Department has broken down, causing delays in the issuance of passports is nothing short of negligence. It should not be allowed.... Read More

Kenya revives push by African nations to ditch the dollar

Nairobi, May 30 -- Kenya's President William Ruto has asked African leaders to take first steps towards ditching the globally-bullish US dollar by signing up to a pan-African payments system to facili... Read More