They break out with sound and fury

India, Sept. 21 -- While a former Miss India is riding high on the success of her recent show Made in Heaven , the moniker of the other is a 'kissing star,' who has traversed a long distance to break ... Read More

Time the stork's visit

India, Sept. 19 -- Battling infertility, you thought that all roads lead to IVF or surrogacy? But things do not have to always end up at an intensive treatment route. For there are ways to do this in ... Read More

Good listener of stories

India, Sept. 14 -- Akshaye Khanna looks broodingly intense most of the time, making you believe that he is in constant workshop mode about the complex characters he plays. But he tells us that he real... Read More

Happiness is home-made

India, Sept. 13 -- Plenty of opulence and luxury is a part of people's homes today. With accents like wallpaper, paintings and even vibrant tiles, people are ensuring that the space they inhabit has a... Read More

Grey Anatomy

India, Sept. 12 -- The conversation kicks off quite effortlessly when actor Richa Chadha, on hearing that I work for this newspaper, immediately takes a shine to me. In the blink of an eye, she recall... Read More

Let the good times roll

India, Sept. 6 -- Usually we hear of Bollywood nights, live music and sufi nights at gastropubs. But how often have you heard of one celebrating salsa and that too at a pub? Do you wonder if that woul... Read More

Twists and turns

India, Sept. 3 -- Ever thought what a clown does when he is depressed? He fakes smiles, makes the audience burst out in laughter even though deep down, he is unwilling to speak. There's some agony tha... Read More

A comedy of errors

India, Aug. 27 -- Who doesn't like a comedy of errors? Even William Shakespeare did. For it hilariously teaches us about the different ways in which human beings react when they are faced with unavoid... Read More

A melange of traditions

India, Aug. 24 -- When the Indian textile industry stood at the second position from 2014 to 2017, it certainly seemed that it would top the ladder in the coming years. However, it's only two days ago... Read More

Environment is the new cool

India, Aug. 20 -- Despite what politicians might tell you, here's a fact, climate change is real. The summers are getting hotter. The water table is sinking lower. And it's about time we made a choice... Read More