Astride both genres

India, May 16 -- Just the way he made his entry in the Hindi film industry with his trademark leg split stunt in the 1991 classic, Phool Aur Kaante , actor Ajay Devgn straddles the genre of comedy and... Read More

Manga mix with spices

India, May 9 -- He whisks, stirs and serves the freshly formulated cocktails like Bolt, faster than the speed of light. It's all about speed, he says, since people don't like to wait once they have ma... Read More

'No one is scared to be herself'

India, May 7 -- There seems to be no end to the nepotism debate sparked off by actress Kangana Ranaut who had called Karan Johar "a flag-bearer" of it. However, actress Tara Sutaria defends her mentor... Read More

'Awareness is the key'

India, April 26 -- Given livestock, certain foods won't last beyond 2030-50 as predicted by Lancet, how do we change food culture to make sustainable choices? This situation has become alarming. We n... Read More

'A bump doesn't stop you'

India, April 26 -- Frumpy, loose, unbecoming and not in the least stylish - these are some words that are associated with maternity fashion. However, pregnancy doesn't have to mean dressing up in sack... Read More

The myth and the reality

India, April 25 -- The mere mention of Aghoris triggers an image of fear, intrigue, mystique and bafflement in our minds, simply because little is known about this reclusive cult of sadhus. The instan... Read More

Read between lines

India, April 22 -- Filmmaker Tigmnashu Dhulia stirred up a hornet's nest when he suggested that actors really do not have any role to play in the success of a film. "Everything is done for them in adv... Read More

Preserving legacies

India, April 19 -- * How different do you find the Kayastha cuisine from others? Kayastha cuisine is an adapted cuisine, not a regional one. Kayasthas brought the royal Mughal cuisine to the locals, ... Read More

Rapper by chance

India, April 15 -- He never intended to invent "wedding rap." It happened quite by accident. Turns out Siddharth Sood popularly known as MC Sid was making a living doing gigs when somebody asked him i... Read More


India, April 5 -- The ambience is laid-back yet chic with red chandeliers encasing candle-like lights hung over the tables, grey-coloured, cemented walls, lined with antique paintings, huge French win... Read More