Memories on the table

India, Feb. 22 -- Even though it has become a fad to be a vegan these days, you're still likely to be the odd one out on the dinner table. However, chefs are actually creating a space for them by gene... Read More

The natural look

India, Feb. 21 -- When organic skincare products came into India, it was assumed that they would be another elitist fad, which would eventually fade away with each passing day. However, as the benefit... Read More

Cultural heart of Europe

India, Feb. 10 -- What kind of travellers are you catering to? I have been coming to India for the past five years now. The whole idea is to focus on Vienna on the basis of what interests the Indian ... Read More

Aroma of Japan

India, Feb. 8 -- A huge wooden cask bound with metal hoops lies in the centre amid a crowd of people at the Embassy of Japan. The barrel is about to be hit with a wooden hammer. I, then, get to know t... Read More

You're being watched

India, Feb. 7 -- Every breath you take and every move you make Every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you Every single day and every word you say Every game you play, every nig... Read More

Young at heart

India, Feb. 1 -- The recent trailer of Malang has been making waves as people hazard wild guesses about what the film's storyline is about. There are conjectures all around as to who is playing what a... Read More

Saving the Lion King

India, Jan. 24 -- Can you recall the newsflash of 1994 when approximately 30 per cent of the lions living in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, died from an outbreak of Canine Distemper Virus (CDV)? T... Read More

The journey goes on

India, Jan. 10 -- It is no secret that the ongoing social unrest in the country, fuelled by student protests over controversial identity and citizenship laws, and the resultant security lockdowns, hav... Read More

Time to find answers

India, Jan. 6 -- The cyclical pattern of patriarchy is a globally recognised social condition. And evidently, a highly flawed phenomenon. One might even go a step forward and think of it as a social d... Read More

Try this road trip

India, Jan. 3 -- As I sat at the Cafe Roadies on a chilly winter evening, I stared blankly at the golden Edison bulbs spread all across the ceiling, wrapped in green climbers. On my left were glass wi... Read More