HC Calls For Respectful Language For Specially-Abled Persons

Srinagar, Dec. 6 -- - The High Court of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh on Monday directed the government to treat the specially-abled persons in the Union Territory properly by the language recognized inter... Read More

'Please Protect Yourself': Fresh Scars of Substance Abuse Shook Kashmir

Srinagar, Dec. 6 -- The latest images of drug addiction have unsettled the valley prompting experts to call for the renewed awareness campaign. A top health official recently rattled Kashmir with ima... Read More

Dying Hygam Wetland Gets Fresh Lease Of Life

Srinagar, Dec. 2 -- Pillars And Panels, Peripheral Bunds; Boat Ways Being Constructed To Restore Pristine Glory Of Water Body. Baramulla- Neglected for decades due to official apathy, the Hygam wetla... Read More

After Kanger, Now Heating Gadgets Face Medical Advisory In Kashmir

Srinagar, Nov. 29 -- When Fareeda didn't respond to the treatment, she was rushed to SMHS Hospital where she found many patients like her. Most of them were using the heating blowers frequently. YEAR... Read More

Uniform Academic Calendar Facing Winter Test in Kashmir

Srinagar, Nov. 23 -- "You can't compare Kashmir with Jammu and have a uniform academic calendar. You've winter in Kashmir till April and sometimes it snows. This decision needs to be revoked." AMID t... Read More

Pashtun-Style Celebration Puts Gun Licenses Under Scanner in Kashmir

Srinagar, Nov. 21 -- The wedding stunt surfaced amid the ongoing CBI probe into the fake gun license scam. A recent trigger-happy action of a Kashmiri man has renewed focus on the gun license scam cu... Read More

Moot Point: Should Schooling Last Till Weather Permits?

Srinagar, Nov. 15 -- The wintertime school debate is back in town following the recent official statement on the traditional winter vacation in Kashmir and the prompt public debate on the existing inf... Read More

When Sports Become Stress - How Cricket Is Playing With Kashmir

"Post, Nov. 14 -- match," Dr. Yasir said, "we see most of the patients, especially youngsters with chest heaviness, stress and other ailments." A Kashmiri cricket fan's recent Lal Chowk stunt not onl... Read More

Old Pattern in New Setup Hinting at Political Ice Break In Kashmir?

Srinagar, Nov. 9 -- 'In 2014, BJP won 25 Assembly seats from Jammu region. But now the party will win over 50 seats to form the next government with its own chief minister in J&K.' NEW political part... Read More

Kashmiri Driver Beaten Up At Punjab Toll Plaza

Srinagar, Nov. 8 -- Two Employees Arrested, Case Filed Srinagar- Two toll plaza employees on Tuesday were arrested for allegedly assaulting a Kashmiri truck driver in Hoshiarpur District of the neigh... Read More