Brand new products

Kathmandu, Oct. 23 -- Now that Nepal has been ranked 76th out of 116 countries in the UN's World Hunger Index, and we seem to be more fed-up than India and Pakistan (yay!) this is a long-overdue recog... Read More

Judging a car by its looks

Kathmandu, Oct. 15 -- Many alert readers will have noticed that cars - like dogs - resemble their owners. In fact, there is a striking facial similarity between a certain neighbour in Bhaisepati and t... Read More

Meddling with medals

Kathmandu, Oct. 1 -- Every year, Nepal honours people who have imparted yeoman's service to the nation so that things do not get from bad to worse. Thanks to the awardees, things are bound to get bett... Read More

Filled your CCMC form?

Kathmandu, Sept. 26 -- As an adventure destination, Nepal's policy has always been to make it as thrilling as possible for tourists who visit the country with attractions like white water rafting, bun... Read More

Garbage in, garbage out

Kathmandu, Sept. 6 -- The good people of Okharpauwa in Nuwakot finally signed a ceasefire agreement with the litterbugs of Kathmandu last week to not refuse our refuse anymore. So, just as we had star... Read More

Flying during the pandemic

Kathmandu, Aug. 28 -- Now that human beings are learning to fly again after being locked down for two years by the pandemic, we have the opportunity to re-discover the romance and thrill of swooping t... Read More

CPN (Asinine)

Kathmandu, Aug. 23 -- It doesn't look like anyone is about to give Prime Minister Brave Lion a honeymoon period. The same folks who were baying for Oli's blood are now sinking their fangs into the lio... Read More

Men's fashion trends

Kathmandu, Aug. 17 -- Many of us are reluctant to shed cosy illusions and want to go on pretending that everything is hunky dory in the Dramatic Cellular Femoral Republic of Nepal. This is why it has ... Read More