Kiss and make up

Kathmandu, Feb. 26 -- The Ass is on the verge of throwing in the towel. Stop me before I quit. With so many professional stand-up comedians in the gobblement, and given all the clowns who hold senior ... Read More

Zoomed out

Kathmandu, Feb. 21 -- Now that I have one year of practice of Zooming around, the wealth of experience I have amassed makes me a self-appointed expert on conducting webinars, video conferencing, e-mee... Read More

Anti-corruption antigens

Kathmandu, Feb. 15 -- There has been a lot of hair-pulling and bemoaning ever since Translucency International revealed recently that Nepal slipped four places in the rankings of the most corrupt coun... Read More

Nothing doing

Kathmandu, Feb. 4 -- Thanks to the Nahal-Depal faction of the Nepal Commissary Party, those of us nostalgic about this country's glorious past could on Thursday once more relive some of our fondest me... Read More

Holy guacamole

Kathmandu, Jan. 30 -- All this knee-jerk criticism of Primetime Minister K P Oli for offering prayers at Pashupati misses the whole point about his interpretation of dialectic materialism, the doctrin... Read More

Why wear a mask?

Kathmandu, Jan. 22 -- This listicle is brought to you in the public interest by the Department of Pandemics that falls under the Ministry of Pandemonium of GONe. Masks have now become as essential an... Read More

Catching up with the West

Kathmandu, Jan. 16 -- It has come to the notice of yours truly asinine that a lot of readers out there these days are muttering behind your masks about how Nepal is going to hell in a handbasket. What... Read More

Anus horibilis

Kathmandu, Jan. 1 -- Statutory Government Health Warning: The following segment contains material that some readers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. Management is not responsible for... Read More