Lockdown downtime

Kathmandu, May 7 -- As a Backside columnist, it falls upon this scribe's lap to urge readers to look at the bright side, stay bullish, be a beacon of hope, and believe that without dark clouds there i... Read More

The Ass-cent of Everest

Kathmandu, April 30 -- It has been said by people much more smart ass than me, that the current crisis is an opportunity to rebuild Nepal's tourism model from scratch. It is true: this country has bee... Read More

Inauguration nation

Kathmandu, April 23 -- Of all the many accomplishments of Primafacie Minister K P Oli in the past three years of his tenure, the most remarkable is his setting a new Guinness World Record on the numbe... Read More

Making asses of ourselves

Kathmandu, April 9 -- Fed up with all the dismal news? Bored with politics? Irked by nosey parker journalists? Then we have good news for you in 2078. Under the new guidelines of the Ministry of Info... Read More

A self-reliant Nepal

Kathmandu, April 3 -- Once in a while, amidst all this gloom and doom, we detect a silver lining, a light at the end of the tunnel, a ray of moonshine. I am, of course, referring to the heartening pie... Read More

Last, but not least

Kathmandu, March 19 -- Finally, the UN Committee for Development Policy has deemed that Nepal is now sufficiently prosperous enough to graduate from the 'Lease-Developed Country' status to becoming a ... Read More

NCP (Pvt Ltd)

Kathmandu, March 12 -- Many of you who cannot make head or tale of the recent trends in Nepali politics have SMSed me in the past week to ask: Will Share Budder become prime minister again? Is it poss... Read More

Women are from Mars

Kathmandu, March 7 -- Now that NASA has its Perseverance SUV and Ingenuity drone on the surface of the Red Planet, we will finally know if men are indeed from Mars. So far, after peering under every n... Read More

Kiss and make up

Kathmandu, Feb. 26 -- The Ass is on the verge of throwing in the towel. Stop me before I quit. With so many professional stand-up comedians in the gobblement, and given all the clowns who hold senior ... Read More

Zoomed out

Kathmandu, Feb. 21 -- Now that I have one year of practice of Zooming around, the wealth of experience I have amassed makes me a self-appointed expert on conducting webinars, video conferencing, e-mee... Read More