She's got jokes. Or is it the puppet?

Kathmandu, July 12 -- Seema Golchha's puppet Jack Denials, a fuzzy-haired creature all in blue, is funny, irreverent and sometimes rude. Though he exists primarily on Golchha's right arm, he seems to ... Read More

Blue Up High treads an already much-explored musical territory

Kathmandu, June 23 -- Suraj Shahi Lama, who goes by his stage name Bluesss, shot to fame with Straight Outta Kathmandu, back in February. A collaborative single by him, Nepali rapper Uniq Poet and Dan... Read More

Tanka Chanulagain's Yogmaya depicts the forgotten history of resistance and revolution

Kathmandu, June 15 -- A middle-aged woman draped in white sari screams in agony as she runs towards the village. "They burnt her alive. She screamed in pain, but they watched her burn alive," she crie... Read More