Gopala's is here to serve all that is sattvic!

India, April 13 -- The applique Pipli lanterns, suspended from the branches of a roadside tree, work as address indicators. As I drove towards Hazra More, these colourful lanterns told me where to ali... Read More

How about a Sunday brunch at Kenilworth?

India, April 5 -- "She's got style, she's got grace, she's a winner" these words from a Tom Jones's number come to my mind as I sit down to write about my recent gastronomic experience at the Kenilwor... Read More

There's lots brewing at Craft Coffee

India, April 1 -- What's brewing on Park Street? Lots by way of new-wave artisanal coffee! Enter Craft Coffee-housed inside the iconic Trincas. That's where the action is. Perhaps it is the only one o... Read More

Hard Rock Cafe is rocking Kolkata!

India, March 30 -- A flight of stairs led me into the rich warm interiors as Bon Jovi greeted me with his Bed of Roses from the giant TV screen. This is how I was welcomed into the Hard Rock Cafe! Ha... Read More

Sabka Club- A Place for Everyone

India, March 12 -- Sab ke liye Sabka Club! That's the impression of this unique all-day, all-season food hub-a place for all to put their feet up! Sab Ka Club has innovatively explored its sprawling s... Read More

Rock it... with Hard Rock Cafe's Merchandise!

India, March 4 -- Hard Rock Cafe's intimate association with rock 'n' roll has helped establish a large and loyal clientele base. Its commitment to rock music, and association with rock music's histor... Read More

To Serve with Love-the Hard Rock Cafe style!

India, Feb. 13 -- Hard Rock Cafe is doing something exceptional in this season of love. It has always believed in giving back to the community in whatever way they can which has endeared them to their... Read More