Haldibari Rural Municipality takes initiatives to preserve Meche language

Birtamod, Sept. 11 -- In order to save the native language of the indigenous and marginalised Meche people, Haldibari Rural Municipality has taken initiatives to teach the Meche language in Deependra ... Read More

Saraswati Basic School taking loans to operate classes

Birtamod, Aug. 22 -- Three years ago, there were only 57 students at Saraswati Basic School in Shivasatakshi Municipality, Jhapa. But thanks to the school's quality education, well-facilitated infrast... Read More

How farmers' groups siphoned hundreds of thousands by faking documents of the dead

Damak, Aug. 17 -- When Fagu Lal Rajbanshi found out that his father, Kaptaan, had received a government grant last year to harvest paddy during the spring season, he couldn't believe it. Kaptaan Lal R... Read More

High iron content in drinking water cause for concern in Kankai Municipality

Birtamod, July 23 -- Most residents of Durgapur in Kankai Municipality, Jhapa, avoid wearing white clothes for fear of ruining the colour and fabric of their clothes. There is hardly a family in the s... Read More