CWC works on disinfecting airports, PSUs to fight virus

New Delhi, May 26 -- The Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC), a PSU, which also offers pest control services besides storage and handling, is busy making its contribution in the fight against Covid-... Read More

Corona is a long-haul fight: Centre

New Delhi, May 23 -- As cases surge each passing day amid lockdown relaxation and there is a continuous exodus of inter-State migrants, the Government on Friday warned that the fight against corona is... Read More

2 bn in low income nations lack facilities, at risk

New Delhi, May 22 -- Hand sanitisers and masks are just temporary fixes to keep the Covid-19 at bay. But without access to soap and clean water, more than 2 billion people in low and middle-income nat... Read More

Why Covid is more fatal to men than women? Research begins

New Delhi, May 19 -- Why the Novel Coronavirus is more fatal to men than women? Is there any link between prostrate cancer in men and Covid-19? Is a protein receptor abnormally grown in prostrate canc... Read More

Deprivation, living in a densely populated area, may increase corona risk

New Delhi, May 18 -- Older age, being male and underlying conditions such as cardiovascular diseases are already known risk factors associated for Covid-19. But now, the scientists have identified, de... Read More

Nearly 6L non-Covid surgeries may be hit

New Delhi, May 17 -- As the Government's entire healthcare system is focused on management of Covid-19, non-coronavirus surgical care is now getting the least priority. As many as 5,80,000 planned sur... Read More

Recovered cases more than active cases in some States

New Delhi, May 16 -- Amid all the negativity about coronavirus pandemic that has created havoc across India as well as the world, there's good news from some States here where the number of recovered ... Read More

New draft guidelines for hotels

New Delhi, May 14 -- Making it clear that the hotel industry needs to be ready for changes as lockdown restrictions get gradually eased amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government has prepared draft gu... Read More

Now, patients can be discharged sans test 10 days after symptoms

New Delhi, May 10 -- As coronavirus cases in India crossed 61,000 on Saturday, the Union Health Ministry tweaked the guidelines for discharge of Covid-19 patients subject to clinical condition, a move... Read More

Hotels, service apartments to be paid quarantines for evacuees

New Delhi, May 9 -- As Indians stranded abroad start returning to India, the Centre on Friday allowed conversion of hotels, service apartments, guest houses and lodges across the country into paid qua... Read More