Amid Covid odds, the milk of human kindness

New Delhi, Feb. 23 -- When the entire nation went into the Covid-induced lockdown since March 2020 adversely impacting the economy, Telangana-based Mulukanoor Women's Cooperative Dairy (MWCD) walked a... Read More

Restore job to worker who met with accident, Gzb-based firm told

New Delhi, Feb. 21 -- In an order aimed at sending a message to private sector companies ignoring the rights of their disabled employees, the Court of Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities ... Read More

Flash droughts to rise 7-fold by century end in India: Experts

New Delhi, Feb. 17 -- At a time when India is struggling with the glacier-triggered flash floods in upper Himalayan regions, a recent study by the IIT Gandhinagar has predicted a 7-8-fold increase in ... Read More

Caracal endangered species now

New Delhi, Feb. 14 -- Tha caracal, a medium size wild cat with long black tufted ears, which is found in some parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, has finally caught the attention of the Government. Fearin... Read More

Unstoppable building of hydel plants in hilly region invites disaster: Experts

New Delhi, Feb. 8 -- The glacier burst which triggered Chamoli tragedy leading to the damage to the Rishiganga Project downstream was waiting to happen in the hydel plants dotted fragile mountainous r... Read More

AI can predict with 90% accuracy if a person will die from Covid or not

New Delhi, Feb. 7 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) cannot replace a doctor's assessment of medical condition of a person infected with deadly virus, but it can definitely help the fraternity with up to... Read More

Up to 50% reduction in heavy metal pollution in Ganga possible: Study

New Delhi, Feb. 7 -- A team of scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has found that Ganga river can get rid of the heavy metal pollution by a minimum of 50 per cent in a shor... Read More

Seaweed can help combat Covid-19

New Delhi, Feb. 6 -- Known for its myriad properties from being anti-oxidants, dietary fiber, essential amino acids, food to bio-stimulants and carbon sequestration, seaweed is now being seen as an ef... Read More

2021 begins on deadly note for tigers, 16 die in Jan

New Delhi, Feb. 5 -- The year 2021 has not begun on a good note for the royal big cats with at least 16 of them, including three cubs, dying in the first month of January itself. On an average a strip... Read More

Green panels clear building of dam in Kathua

New Delhi, Jan. 28 -- The proposed Rs 9,167-crore multipurpose hydropower dam on river Ujh in Jammu & Kashmir's Kathua region is inching towards reality. The two central green panels have given nod to... Read More