Finding and telling stories

Kathmandu, July 12 -- "If you look closely enough, you will see that it's very easy to find and read stories around us," says Bidhya Chapagian, one of the founders of the YouTube channel Herne Katha. ... Read More

An authentic Nepali fashion brand

Kathmandu, July 5 -- Jenisha Shrestha, co-founder of 1uta, a Nepali lifestyle brand that is mainly focused on apparel, confesses that she has always loved designing, crafting, and creating things. Eve... Read More

A modern approach to skincare

Kathmandu, June 21 -- When Rushiya Rai visited Nepal back in 2016 she had only planned to stay in the country for a few weeks to complete her research regarding microblading in Nepal. In that short ti... Read More

Tourism with a purpose

Kathmandu, June 21 -- Although it has gained a reputation primarily as an adventure travel company, the managing director of Five14, Jiwan Rana Magar, explains that the company is a group of six inter... Read More

Best places for summer drinks

Kathmandu, June 7 -- That's when you reach out for refreshing juices, smoothies, and milkshakes. Here we review three places where you can get these drinks and for quite reasonable prices to boot. Sa... Read More

Going all out

Kathmandu, June 7 -- 21-year-old Ananya Poudel, who is pursing a diploma in fashion design, rarely eats out, buys things she doesn't absolutely need or does anything that requires her to spend a lot o... Read More

Comfort is key

Kathmandu, June 7 -- If you happen to catch a glimpse of model Aanchal Khadka around town, you will find that she's always dressed to the t. You will perhaps want to emulate her effortless style. A th... Read More

A Nepali brand that focuses on menswear

Nepal, May 31 -- Founded by Arun Bhagat and Sushil Sainju, White Tara is a Nepali clothing brand that caters exclusively to the male population. Unlike many business ventures that cater to the female ... Read More

Where things feel right

Kathmandu, May 24 -- Tucked in one of the smaller alleyways in Gairidhara is a cozy little eatery called Social Cafe. Going by their name, I had expected the cafe to have a clean and chic look with we... Read More