A riot of flavors

Nepal, March 22 -- If you're looking for a place with cozy vibe and which serves good food, Ageno Restaurant is the place to be. Located in Dhobighat, Lalitpur, this restaurant shares its space with a... Read More

My side of the story

Nepal, March 22 -- I have quite often heard many of my elder relatives complain about my generation and talk about how spoilt we are. Apparently, we have everything we could possibly need but we still... Read More

Outrunning the obstacles

Nepal, March 8 -- Nepal isn't really known for its athletic advancements. Although we have a lot of strong and skilled people who could make it to top-level international competitions if they are give... Read More

Alone but not lonely

Nepal, March 1 -- I've enjoyed solitude for as long as I can remember. Being alone or doing things by myself has never really bothered me. I actually prefer getting things done on my own rather than h... Read More

Capsule collection for women on the go

Nepal, March 1 -- Rhea Pradhan had been posting teasers of her collaborative collection with Metaphor since mid-January this year on her Instagram page. The collection, titled Metaphor x Peppy Owl, wa... Read More

Constructing with care

Nepal, Feb. 22 -- Houses and their structures aren't supposed to be generic. The type of house should depend on the climate, culture, and the quality of the ground it is being built on. These factors ... Read More

With love, from Nepal

Nepal, Feb. 15 -- All of us remember going through pages of coloring books when we were young. There are also coloring books for adults that people use to lower stress and anxiety. Most of the colorin... Read More

What's in a name ?

Nepal, Feb. 15 -- The name game Shakespeare said, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet." But, in the world of business, you want your brand name to be ... Read More

A wonderful world of baked goodies

Nepal, Feb. 15 -- You won't be able to stop gorging on these wonderful treats. Nana's Delights, an artisan bakery located in Patan Dhoka in Lalitpur, has cakes, chocolates, and cookies (in interesting... Read More

Going with the flow

Nepal, Feb. 8 -- Malika Mahat is a well-known name among Nepali youths. The 19-year-old model has firmly established herself as one of the most popular Instagram stars of Nepal with over 76k followers... Read More