Cash is a potential source of Coronavirus. Fear ignites new digital banking habits among Indians

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Neustar is seeing a spurt in domain name registrations using COVID: Nitin Wali

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Tata Elxsi has found that over 29% of customer churn can be linked to poor video QoE: Nagu Gopalakrishnan

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COVID-19 lockdown effect: As stress on networks swell, SD-WAN plays the timely stress buster

New Delhi, April 14 -- Since the lockdown in Italy, WhatsApp witnessed a 20% year-on-year increase in the number of messages and calls, and Microsoft saw 100% growth in usage of enterprise productivit... Read More

Once enacted, the Personal Data Protection Bill will change an organization's data management practice: Asim Abbas & Tony Verghese

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Covid-19 effect: Employees' determination to achieve company vision & goals speed digital tools consumption

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Effective Blockchain deployment could have enabled the world react faster to Covid-19 spread: Mohua Sengupta

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Supporting the relentless battle to track & contain Covid-19, India's indigenous GIS tech companies come to fore

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Covid-19 shatters start-ups' dream. Government urged to come up with a burden sharing plan

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Working through Covid-19 - Employee health and safety is the main concern: Pravin Bhandarkar, RtBrick

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