Traditional art with modernity

Sri Lanka, Dec. 15 -- Celebrating his 60th birth year, Ravibandu Vidyapathi, a dancer, choreographer, leader of the famed Ravibandu drums ensemble is ready to bring back a series of artistic endeavour... Read More

Mrs World 2020: Caroline Jurie : Her Cinderella shoes...

Sri Lanka, Dec. 15 -- Poised to perfection in her stunning, glittery silver dress, Caroline Jurie brought back glory to the country when she became the second Sri Lankan woman to be crowned Mrs World ... Read More

Theertha at Barefoot

Sri Lanka, Dec. 15 -- Theertha thought of its working as a process that interrogated and destabilized that status quo that made it possible for all kinds of hegemonic practices in the cultural, politi... Read More

Swirling waves of graffiti: From senseless vandalism to vibrant urban art

Sri Lanka, Dec. 8 -- A trend in swirling waves of graffiti has invaded the country manically for the past few days. Enthusiastic groups of youth are a common sight in almost every town, carrying paint... Read More

Expand the horizons of Sinhala Literature

Sri Lanka, Nov. 10 -- In the past few decades, some of the authentic English writers such as, Michael Ondaatje, Shyam Selvadurai, Nayomi Munaweera, Shehan Karunatilaka and a few others have produced s... Read More

Film Festival of Pandit W.D.Amaradeva: :Tribute to Sri Lanka's 'voice supreme'

Sri Lanka, Nov. 3 -- In memory of the late Pandit W.D.Amaradeva and his graceful history as the legendary composer, vocalist and pioneer who gave identity to the Sinhala classical song - a Film Festiv... Read More

Hiran Abeysekara : A 'tornado' from the Indian ocean

Sri Lanka, Nov. 3 -- There has been a bit of a 'tornado' effect on the international news sites and social media last week about the winners of UK Theatre Awards 2019 at London's Guildhall. Sri Lankan... Read More

'Luminous Emptiness':The presence (or absence) at the very moment

Sri Lanka, Oct. 27 -- Those who doubt that contemporary abstraction can emotionally move viewers should step into Barefoot Gallery this evening to witness Nalin Indrasena's Luminous Emptiness. Luminou... Read More

Tribute to a great musician: A Film Festival with music directed by Pandit Amaradeva

Sri Lanka, Oct. 27 -- A Film Festival consisting of seven remarkable Sinhala films with outstanding music compositions by the late Pandit Amaradeva will be held from November 1 to 4 at the National Fi... Read More