Dream-catchers of local cinema

Sri Lanka, Sept. 6 -- Dakala purudu kenek (Strange Familiar) by Malith Hagoda, a representation of the new generation of Sri Lankan cinema was deemed to be one of the most outspoken cinematic expressi... Read More

South Asian cinema mesmerises the world

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Share your art with a global audience in new ways

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How local artistes fared in 2020 polls

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Paangshu to hit the screen soon

Sri Lanka, Aug. 2 -- Visakesa Chandrasekaram's second cinematic encounter Paangshu is all set to hit the screen by the end of August this year. The theme of the film marked a much needed shift in the ... Read More

A true artiste never dies...

Sri Lanka, July 26 -- Plot summary of Bambaru Avith (The Wasps are Here) The film is set in a fishing village. Anton Aiya is an exploiter who outwardly resembles and acts like a regular fisherman. He... Read More

Chaotic destiny of loveless middle-class

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Walk with joy in your own skin

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