There's Merely An Illusion Of Choice In 'Choice Feminism'!

India, Feb. 29 -- I came across a comment recently on my Twitter (now X) feed that got me thinking. It was a post about stay-at-home moms and someone commented, "We shouldn't judge their decision to s... Read More

There Is Nothing Like 'Too Much Feminism'!

India, Feb. 20 -- Time and again, there is one phrase that keeps coming up in the social media discourse on feminism. Any guesses? Ah, no prizes for guessing the infamous "itni bhi feminist" or "too ... Read More

Shame On You, Poonam Pandey For Making Death Part Of A Gimmick!

India, Feb. 3 -- Yesterday we were hit with the news of the untimely passing away of 32-year-old Model, TV star and Influencer Poonam Pandey. While there were people who were skeptical over this infor... Read More