Consumer rights activists, commuters criticise public transport fare hike

Kathmandu, July 12 -- Consumer rights activists and commuters have criticised the government's decision to hike public transport fares to allow buses to ferry fewer passengers and comply with social d... Read More

Can't welcome decision to allow buses to resume in haste, say health experts, public transport operators

Kathmandu, July 10 -- Health experts as well as public transport operators say they can't welcome the government's decision to allow buses to resume their services in haste as it was taken without any... Read More

Public transport operators decide not to resume services despite lifting of ban

Kathmandu, July 10 -- The Federation of Nepalese National Entrepreneurs has rejected the government's decision to allow public transport services to resume from Friday, demanding that the government f... Read More

House committee directs government to allow taxis to resume service

Kathmandu, July 9 -- The Development and Technology Committee of the House of Representatives has directed the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport to let taxi operators resume their busi... Read More

Lalitpur local administration directs Rato Machindranath Jatra organisers to postpone the festival again

Lalitpur, July 7 -- Lalitpur District Administration Office has directed Jyapu Samaj Yala, a local Guthi, and the locals involved in the annual Rato Machindranath Jatra to postpone this year's festiva... Read More

Shops, businesses and people in Valley are flouting safety protocols as Covid-19 cases continue to rise

Kathmandu, July 6 -- In mid-June, the government relaxed a nationwide lockdown after nearly three months after traders and other entrepreneurs started to protest the absolute lockdown which had halted... Read More

Struggling shop owners have put their businesses for sale to pay off their debts but there are no buyers

Kathmandu, July 5 -- Sunita Bagale and her husband Sudip Bagale couldn't be more thrilled when they welcomed their second child, a baby girl, last week. But now the couple has been hit by the reality... Read More

Taxi drivers launch protest against restrictions

Kathmandu, July 1 -- Taxi drivers in Kathmandu Valley have launched a protest to exert pressure on the government to allow them to operate their business. On Wednesday, they staged a sit-in outside t... Read More

Lalitpur unveils 'people-centric and practical' plans and policies for upcoming fiscal year

Lalitpur, July 1 -- The Lalitpur Metropolitan City unveiled its plans and policies for the upcoming fiscal year 2020/21 last week, which observers described as more people-centric and practical than t... Read More

Taxi drivers protest outside transport department, accuse officials of forcing them to 'kill themselves'

Kathmandu, June 30 -- Taxi drivers demonstrated outside the Department of Transport Management Office, Minbhawan demanding that the government allow them to return to work. The protests come as traff... Read More