Coping with anxiety in new lockdown

Kathmandu, May 4 -- 2020 was a blur and I was hoping 2021 would bring an end to the pandemic, so we could start moving on with our lives. But the surge in Covid-19 cases in India is causinga second wa... Read More

The faultline in my life

Kathmandu, April 19 -- On the morning of 25 April 2015, my father was out running some errands, my mother was watching tv and I was trying to sleep off a headache. It is easy to remember the details o... Read More

Shamed for bleeding

Kathmandu, April 9 -- How many of you have slept in a menstrual hut? The idea of a 'menstrual hut' might sound ridiculous to many but it is a real thing. In some parts of western Nepal, women are mad... Read More

Educating your sons will protect your daughters

Kathmandu, March 27 -- The #MeToo movement started in 2006 with activist and sexual harassment survivor Tarana Burke speaking out on the social media platform, MySpace. Since then, it has become a hug... Read More

'Boys will be boys' is never an excuse

Kathmandu, March 10 -- Imagine living in a world, where walking down the street there is no fear of any cat calls or scary groping. Many girls and women live their lives afraid of how it will be when ... Read More

Maybe baby

Kathmandu, Feb. 23 -- There is never a perfect time to have children because there is always something happening in your life. Either they are too young or too old, they are not financially stable eno... Read More