Helping Nepal's Covid orphans

Kathmandu, Sept. 26 -- Eight-year-old Bhuvan Kharel used to start his day with a glass of milk in bed brought to him by his father. Yadav Kharel would then prepare a lunch box for his son, drop him of... Read More

History in a house of worship

Kathmandu, Aug. 12 -- One evening 20 years ago, Laxman Ramtel headed to Bhaktapur from Godavari to meet up with his friends. When he arrived, Ramtel saw that one of his friends was shaving his beard.... Read More

Vibrant Mithila art thrives in Nepal

KATHMANDU, July 3 -- Janakpur, the birthplace of Sita and the cradle of the Mithila civilisation, is seeing a revival of its heritage, culture and traditional art. The origin of Mithila art is roote... Read More