When the world is sleeping and Corona worries seem far away

Uganda, Oct. 18 -- For the past few days, I have been moving around at odd hours, bordering on breaking the rules of curfew. These often early morning trips have been the best spent hours of my week. ... Read More

Antique decor adds mystery to your home

Uganda, Oct. 14 -- From way back in the day, I have been a lover of old things; finger rings, lampshades and lots of other knickknacks. The beauty of owning these ancient things is that they are one-o... Read More

Makerere main building: Three weddings, a lecture

Uganda, Sept. 27 -- While at Makerere University, I bypassed the Main Building countless times. I can probably count on my hands and toes, the number of times I ventured inside. But every occasion I w... Read More

In another life, I could have been a national athlete

Uganda, Sept. 20 -- The day after 19-year-old Jacob Kiplimo won the 5,000m race in Ostrava, Czech Republic, I had an animated conversation with an acquaintance regarding athletics in this country. He ... Read More

Treat your relationship like an important job

Uganda, Sept. 17 -- Many of us come to our day or night jobs with a lot of seriousness. We wake up early to prepare. We dress well and make sure we are alert and prepared for meetings. We bring a lot ... Read More