Province 5 government preparing master plan to upgrade Lumbini Provincial Hospital

Butwal, Feb. 17 -- The Province 5 government is preparing a master plan to upgrade Lumbini Provincial Hospital in Butwal. The preliminary master plan envisages the construction of infrastructure that ... Read More

Lumbini Provincial Hospital's One-stop Crisis Management Centre is crippled by lack of infrastructure and staff

Butwal, Feb. 16 -- The One-stop Crisis Management Centre has been in operation at the Lumbini Provincial Hospital since 2011-12. The centre's objective is to facilitate rehabilitation of victims of ge... Read More

In Butwal, settlements have been built over mounds of garbage thrown in the banks of Tinau

Rupandehi, Feb. 8 -- For years, the Butwal Sub-metropolis has been disposing of its garbage on the banks of Tinau River for lack of a dumping site. Once a certain area of the bank is filled with garba... Read More

Province 5 government takes initiatives to conserve wetlands

Butwal, Feb. 3 -- As most natural sources of water are drying up, the Province 5 government has taken initiatives to conserve wetland areas across the province. In coordination with the Provincial Min... Read More

Children of conflict victims deprived of scholarship provided by the state

Butwal, Jan. 28 -- Ajuri Lodh, 45, of Rayapur in Rupandehi lost her husband, Shyam Sundar, to the decade-long armed insurgency that took place between 1996 to 2006. She was left with five children who... Read More

Schools in Rupandehi local unit are not ready for mandatory English teaching

Rupandehi, Jan. 26 -- Farhan Ansari is a second-grader at Sirjana Basic School in Omsatiya Rural Municipality. The school incorporated English medium teaching a year ago. But Ansari cannot speak Engli... Read More

Madrasa students cannot sit for Secondary Education Examination for lack of syllabi

Butwal, Jan. 24 -- Farhan Alam is a 10th grader at Jame Sirajul Uloom Al-Safia, a madrasa (Muslim educational institute) in Kapilvastu. But Alam may not be able to appear for the Secondary Education E... Read More

Corruption is thriving in Province 5, watchdog officials say

Rupandehi, Jan. 19 -- On December 26, two security personnel from Bishnupura Armed Police Base Camp-chief of the camp Inspector Tej Bahadur Jora and Assistant Head Constable Birendra Prasad Chaudhary-... Read More

Province 5 trains community school teachers, students to improve SEE results

Butwal, Jan. 15 -- In a bid to improve students' performance in the Secondary Education Examinations, the Province 5 government has begun training community school teachers and running special classes... Read More

Local units in Rupandehi prioritise construction of Buddha-related structures for tourism promotion

Butwal, Jan. 8 -- Along with the preservation of historic sites, the local units in Rupandehi district have prioritised the construction of various structures related to Gautam Buddha for the tourism ... Read More