Nepal's QFX cinema needs a happy ending

Kathmandu, Sept. 20 -- The last movie screened at the QFX Cinemas in Kathmandu on 17 March before the Covid-19 crisiswas the Hollywood thriller Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel. Multiplexes have been emp... Read More

Some schools re-open in remote rural Nepal

Kathmandu, Sept. 17 -- It has been six months since students and teachers all over Nepal have not had classes, but schools in remote rural Nepal with few or no Covid-19 cases are beginning to re-open.... Read More

Lockdown eased in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- The jumbled up signs for seven provinces at Kathmandu airport is symbolic of the shambles things in Nepal are in. Nearly half-a-year of lockdown later, there are still 150,000 N... Read More

Pandemic stress grips Nepal's journalists

Kathmandu, Sept. 9 -- Binaj Gurubacharya was in full protective gear, and stood apart from the crowd to observe riot police clash with protesters at the Machhindranath chariotfestival on 3 September i... Read More

Erika and King Tribhuvan

Kathmandu, Aug. 30 -- When Erika read the story to the King, he cried out, "But that is I, Erika! And that is you!" The King asked if he might keep the story and Erika said, "It was written for you, b... Read More

24 March - 24 August, 2020

Kathmandu, Aug. 24 -- Today, 24 August marks five months since the Nepal government announceda nationwide lockdownto control the spread of the coronavirus. Only thesecond confirmed Covid-19 casehad b... Read More

Who is in charge in Nepal?

Kathmandu, Aug. 20 -- The confusion and chaos that followed the sudden cancellation of repatriation flights on 16 August was just the latest proof that the Covid-19 Crisis Management Committee (CCMC) ... Read More

The barber and the virus in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Aug. 12 -- It was 11am on Monday morning in a quiet residential side street in Patan. Suddenly there was commotion as an ambulance and a police van arrived at the cul de sac, sirens blaring... Read More

Preserving King Birendra's family home

Kathmandu, Aug. 6 -- When Narayanhiti Palace was opened to the public in 2009 soon after Nepal was declared a republic, Nepalis flocked in to see what daily life of the royals looked like. They were n... Read More

Nepal taxes not just electric cars, but also books

Kathmandu, Aug. 1 -- Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada came under a lot of flak in this year's budget for what many said was his short-sighted decision to impose ahefty tax on battery operated cars.T... Read More