Changa chait: Will there be kites?

Kathmandu, Sept. 28 -- Through Kalimati Chowk's congested traffic, the bundle of spools and colourful kites hung on the Manandhar family's shop catch the eye. Inside the store sits 79-year-old Dabal M... Read More

District girls paint, write and scrawl for equal rights

Kathmandu, Sept. 25 -- The pieces on display at Siddhartha Art Gallery are far different from the professional artworks one would expect at the 32-year-old gallery, they are youthful and fun while als... Read More

Aditi Budhathoki: looking for an adrenaline rush

Kathmandu, Sept. 22 -- It was when Aditi Budhathoki was fresh out of high school that she started receiving offers to model for various magazines. Once she made her presence known on Kathmandu's media... Read More

Nepali communities that do not cremate say they have no space in Kathmandu to bury their dead

Kathmandu, Sept. 22 -- In February 2016, Shobha Sunuwar lost her brother Nawaraj in a car accident. Sunuwar wanted to bury her brother with full funeral rites but as burials had been banned in the are... Read More

'Reading and writing are as important as breathing'

Kathmandu, Sept. 21 -- Dhurba Chandra Gautam was brought up in a family that thoroughly enjoyed reading and writing. As a teenager, he'd already published his first poem in the newspaper Kalyan, which... Read More

Kathmandu hosts its first international comedy festival

Kathmandu, Sept. 20 -- At the entrance of the Thamel-based House of Music, stood Ludo Van Vooren, the producer of the first comedy festival in the country-Top of the World Comedy Festival. The happy V... Read More

'Reading can change a person's perspective on life'

Kathmandu, Sept. 14 -- Amar Neupane grew up listening to verses of religious and historical sagas, which gave him a love for the Nepali language. He often wrote when he was a teacher of the Nepali lan... Read More

Times are changing for the dhobis of Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Sept. 11 -- For Tara Kanaujiya, mornings mean business. Right at 6am every day, she is up and starting her day. She is serious about starting her day right, which means she's not wasting an... Read More

'To gain knowledge and experience, it is important you read'

Kathmandu, Sept. 7 -- For as long as he can remember, Kishore Pahadi has been writing. He was writing when he was a child in school, even when he was completing his college degree in civil engineering... Read More

Prescribed and pre-ordered-what's behind the latest health food trend?

Lalitpur, Sept. 5 -- Neha Chaudhary has been using Fit Box Nepal meals for a little over four months now. A basketball player and a full-time researcher, Chaudhary's lunches often consisted of momos a... Read More