Indian Ocean is heating up much faster than we think, at a rate of 1.7-3.8degC per century

India, April 29 -- Future increase in heat content equivalent to adding energy of one Hiroshima atomic bomb detonation every second, all day, every day, for a decade The Indian Ocean is experiencing ... Read More

Why did Dubai flood? World Weather Attribution says global warming, not cloud seeding, the reason

India, April 27 -- The recent rainfall in West Asia was made 10-40 per cent heavier by warming, according to the WWA Extremely heavy rainfall events, like the one that caused floods in many countries... Read More

By 2050, the world will lose $38,000,000,000,000 to climate change, dragging down average income by 19%

India, April 19 -- Poorest countries may have income reductions 8.9 percentage points greater than richest countries The world is already committed to a 19 per cent permanent average reduction in inc... Read More

How a massive anticyclone caused floods in Dubai and humid heat in Mumbai, on the other side of the Arabian Sea

India, April 17 -- Anticyclones don't let other weather systems pass by and create conditions for extreme weather on their peripheries as well Mumbai and Dubai, cosmopolitan cities separated by 2,000... Read More

NOAA, ICRI confirm fourth global mass coral bleaching event in 2023-2024

India, April 16 -- This is the second such event in the last 10 years and comes at a time when global oceans have also recorded unprecedented heat National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (N... Read More

Jalpaiguri disaster: Tornadoes a symptom of warming & anomalous wind patterns

India, April 2 -- While tornadoes mostly occur in India's eastern states, some have been reported in the northwest regions as well Around 3:30 pm on March 31, 2024, a deadly tornado struck the Mainag... Read More

IMD predicts a scorching summer for 2024

India, April 1 -- People may not get much respite from the heat even during the nights, predicts agency Most of India may suffer from above normal day time and night time temperatures along with heat... Read More

Indians may already be experiencing temperatures close to limits of human survivability without even being aware

India, March 28 -- The basic criteria for IMD to declare a heatwave currently does not includetake into account relative humidity, which is increasingly becoming a cause of humid heatwaves The India ... Read More

One of the major gaps in our weather observational system is over the oceans: Elena Manaenkova

India, March 23 -- Former WMO Deputy Secretary General, Elena Manaenkova speaks to Down To Earth about extreme weather, the global cryosphere and emissions on World Meteorological Day Elena Manaenkov... Read More

Why did eastern India receive heavy rainfall on March 20? A cocktail of weather systems is the answer

India, March 22 -- The India Meteorological Department had listed 5 different weather systems that were active over mainland India on March 20; there was also an anticyclone system over the northwest ... Read More