Heartless reforms

India, May 22 -- These are difficult times for any human being as the entire world is suffering due to the pandemic . Millions of people are at risk and every time we think we have handled the situati... Read More

Does anyone care?

India, May 8 -- Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment (APPLE), a product of India's first geostationary experimental communication Satellite Project during 1977-83, was successfully launched by Ariane-1... Read More

From image to action

India, April 24 -- A large number of people from the Indian middle and upper middle class have a certain image of themselves. They view themselves as modern, progressive and ambitious. This segment of... Read More

Light at the end of tunnel

India, April 10 -- It has often been said, yet it bears repeating: The Coronavirus epidemic will, in all probability, leave the world looking significantly different from the one we inhabited prior to... Read More

Force majeure

India, March 27 -- We live in strange and unnerving times. India and the world are currently in the midst of a raging battle against a common enemy - Coronavirus. The total number of cases in India at... Read More

Let's think afresh

India, March 14 -- It is well known that Jews faced severe exploitation, insult, discrimination and abuse in Nazi-ruled Germany . They were unable to hold any relevant job, other than menial ones that... Read More