Losing touch with reality

India, Oct. 4 -- This week we celebrated Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary. The Father of the Nation is a hero for me as I am sure he is for millions of people across the world. His birth anniv... Read More

State of the economy

India, Sept. 27 -- The Indian economy has been on a ventilator for a while now. Despite the Government's numerous attempts to claim the opposite, the crisis is very much visible. This time around, the... Read More

Total lack of direction

India, Sept. 7 -- The terms "Right-wing" and "Left-wing" are now a recurrent part of our discourse. They are used as labels for "conservatives" and "liberals" and collectively those who have a view on... Read More

Culling corruption

India, Aug. 23 -- India's reputation as one of the world's most corrupt bureaucracies is well-documented. On the Corruption Perceptions Index, India ranks 78th and this outlook is with merit and cause... Read More

Take the scientific plunge

India, Aug. 12 -- The Indian subcontinent, particularly India, has had a history that is littered with instances of bringing light to the world using the torch of science. Right from Aryabhata, the ge... Read More

Crimes against humanity

India, July 29 -- Around March last year, a prominent businessman defrauded Indian banks of more than Rs 11,300 crore. Nirav Modi grabbed everyone's attention due to the sheer magnitude of his fraud a... Read More