Musings on science

India, May 17 -- Amid a highly charged atmosphere of election campaigning, this past week gave us some humour. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may not have delivered on his promises in the past five year... Read More

Selective amnesia

India, May 3 -- Last week, I read an excellent article in the New York Times by SY Quraishi, who was India's Chief Election Commissioner between 2010 and 2012. In this article, Quraishi shared a numbe... Read More

Advertising ad nauseam

India, April 19 -- In 1989, there was a huge anticipation and excitement about a new way to play video games. All this excitement and anticipation was the result of the marketing campaign behind the "... Read More

The art of the possible

India, April 5 -- The Congress released its manifesto this week. After months of hard work by the research team, it pleases me a great deal to say that the party has a document that it can be proud of... Read More

Credibility at stake

India, March 23 -- Last week, while flicking past some news channels, I chanced upon a broadcaster. There were animations of fire and bluster splashed across the screen and close to 15 panelists were ... Read More

Modi's leadership flaw

India, March 9 -- Last Friday, India welcomed its hero, Abhinandan Varthaman , back from Pakistan. He spent close to three days in Pakistani captivity as a result of a brief skirmish with Islamabad's ... Read More